Wanted dead or alive Bigsexydog where is he hiding!

One of the true legends sorry turkey and Billy for riderfans "BIGSEXYDOG"
Where is he did he get picked up by the pound? Riderfans bail him out?

Never heard of him before.

hate to say this but he could have died, I always wonder if I die in a car chash or a heartattack what you guys would think happened to me.

Oh Kanga thats too tempting to answer! :wink:

I always hoped if I passed away, my wife would come on here and break the news.

I'd hope my family would do the same, but they don't even know the password.

SM, and everybody, if anyone of you guys died, I'm be in tears for days! :cry:

.......I put my password in my will so Mrs. RedandWhite can come on here and tell you all that my last words on to the forum were that you're all a bunch of utter doughheads, but that I luved you all..... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: ......

I know we are getting off the subject, but how about a sticky where the biggest posters tell that they are going away for a while or a day, etc?

good idea? bad idea?

Funny you mentioned it, I have been wondering for a while if Hellothere has suffered some freak shaving accident or something.

....bigsexydawg...was a good one....maybe he changed his handle...and is coming on the forum as BigDave....if not sorry BigDave... :shock:

Actually Bigsexydog is around he emailed me and asked if anyone missed him on here. We can expect him back any day!

Is he the same one that posts on riderfans.com?

Yes he told me his reason for leaving was Kanga he could not take it any longer!

I almost on my last leg with him too.


your kidding, right? RW06?

I’ve never known R&W2005 to kid…He’s pretty serious…so are his dogs!

Kanga like my dogs leash I am pulling the leash on you! In Knaga terms I am having fun with you. But you could try not changing the CFL and the world! Have you ever posted anything that does not have anything to do with change! Like if you were Taman what would you do to change the bombers oops that dam word again. How would you fix the bombers?

well frist I'd fire Taman, then I'd get a good QB like Wynn. get a good o line to hold the D back. that's about what the BBs haven't done yet.

There you go Kanga very good post except they have Wynn already but much better.

I'd replace Taman with the Aspens or whatever that family name is. I'd try and hold on to Wynn with both hands around him!!!

Oh boy Kanga take it easy you are scaring many of us here! Aspers is the name just to help you out. They would be good owners but finding football talent I do not know. About putting your arms around Wynn yikes! Run Spergon Run!