I am interested in purchasing 1991, 1994 and/or 1998 CFL grey cup ticket. Any information someone could provide me as to which direction I should be heading in would help as well. Thanks!

i'm pretty sure I still have my 1991 Winnipeg (Toronto vs Calgary) Grey Cup Ticket ... If I can find it .. you can have it. no charge ... (forewarning .. the seats weren't great ... and the ticket is probobly still frozen) it was damn cold that day!


The seats do not matter its the shape of the ticket...lol....I would really appreciate it. Just let me know Thanks so much!

If I still have it (and I think I do) .. i'll letcha know by the end of the weekend ... I fear its in my junk drawer ... and my junk drawer is definately something to be feared.

If I find it - I can pretty much certify its in great shape inside my 1991 grey cup gameday book ...


Does it matter if it is has a thin lament covering it? I decided I would protect it with a plastic covering, it it doesn't matter give me your address and I will get it to you asap. Like statkk76, you can have it no charge..."98 Grey Cup

I've got stubs from 2000 and 2002, but I don't plan on ever getting rid of them :wink:

Even if you get the tickets, I think you're going to have trouble getting to any of those games. :lol:

Thanks Big Dave
I never really thought of that. LOL :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Sorry! I thought I could find them .. But I couldn't. Tho I did find my program book for the 91 grey cup .. The tickets I assumed were inside - were not. I'll keep my eyes open for them, as I doubt I threw them out. Sorry!!


No problem....shame to here...keeping my fingers crossed that you do locate them...thanks again

Is there any other sites I could be posting for these tickets?

its called EBAY!!!! :lol:

Hey there Big Dave

I've been watching Ebay ofr awhile now but it was someone from Ebay that directed me to this site.
Thanks though! I got the 1998 ticket in great shape thanks to a member on this site.
PS...Plus I started chatting with people from different areas as well

Still looking for 1994 CFL grey cup ticket....anyone able to help.....

Just to give credit where credit's due...it was soonerfan_n_okc who suggested Ebay. He just quoted my message in doing it.

My bad .. sorry about that.

Still in need for the 1994 cfl grey cup ticket. Once I get that my project will be complete. Hoping someone out there can help. Thanks!