Wanted CFL fans to know what a bargain they are getting

I looked at the configuration of BMO Stadium today and what Argo fans will be paying for season tickets. What the Argos are charging for best seats available are what I would have to pay for end zone seats in the upper rows of a Chicago Bears game at Soldier Field. Not to mention that the Canadian dollar is currently worth .73 American., which means you pay less for 4 Argos best seat season tickets than I would pay for 3 Chicago Bears end zone upper row season tickets. Not to mention that the Bears have been pretty awful the last 10 years. :frowning:

Ya, but, The ARGOS SUCK!!! :lol:

Sorry, actually I was a bit off. The least expensive Chicago Bears game ticket is $80 US( $110 Canadian), a season ticket is $800 US/$1100 Canadian so End Zone Upper Rows for the Bears are about the price of an Argos Club Seat (3rd most expensive ticket) which includes 1 Post Season Home Game and First Right of Refusal for the Grey Cup. In addition 2 of the 10 Bears games are preseason vs only 1 Argos home game that is preseason.

I’m a season ticket holder for a major university football team (Northwestern), I pay $240 Canadian for a 7 home game end zone season ticket which is only $50 (Canadian) less than what the Argos are charging for 1 preseason home game, 9 regular season home games and 1 post season home game plus right of first refusal for the Grey Cup!

Comparing the prices of NFL and CFL tickets is like comparing MLB and AAA.

And yet when I go to a AAA game, I still see a 95mph fastball and great action/entertainment. What I don't have to deal with are the $30 parking spaces, $80 tickets, $7.00 hot dogs, $10.00 beers.............and so on. Give me great "quality" sports entertainment at affordable prices, and I will take that everyday over the overpriced "top tier" league games.

What a silly resection some pEople have. Just because the nfl has better athletes doesn't diminish the cfl's product. For instance, I much prefer the ncaa to the nil.

The CFL is not like the NFL but it's also not like AAA baseball. The CFL is the highest level of Canadian Rules football.

Fact- The NFL Commissioner was paid $34.5M for 2014, which was the last year that the League office is required to release his salary. :?

Fact- SF Giants spent $251 million on free agents this offseason, the most they’ve ever spent & more than previous 6 offseasons combined. :?



You are right Poli it is pro football with an affordable style with built in quality entertainment .

Thanks for the positive Thread.


Tannenbell could have went to town with the greedfactor. the price point is phenomenal imo. no excuses here.

It is smart, rebuild the core at a lower price, build on that success. It is a good indication that they are truly thinking long term.

You are welcome. With gas prices lower than they have been in years and ticket prices like these, I am checking the schedule to see when I can attend.