WANTED: A new Offensive Coordinator!!!!

What a joke! Winnipeg are going no where fast and in a hurry! Winnipeg fans should be upset with Gibson for sure but Berry is right there on the sidelines letting it all happen. They deserve to lose! Stupid,stupid,stupid! I don't agree with Roberts very selfish decision at the end of the game but I can certainly understand how he must of felt. I wonder how they feel about their chances of turning this around in Regina this coming weekend? Even with Glenn and Stegal back,Forget it! They'll be rusty and the Boys in Green will have a field day! I wonder what Kent Austin is up to these days!!!

The offensive play calling has definitely been bad given the current situation in Winnipeg. The calls may have worked if Glenn had been at QB but they were a terrible choice for Quinn. That said, you can't hang it all on the coachs that Quinn couldn't get the ball into the hands of the receivers throughout the entire game.

I understand your frustration scotsman, the revolving door for coaching staff doesn't work either. Berry surprised me in a statement to the media before this wknd that he didn't have any involvement in how many times Roberts gets the ball, also said that was going to change...to bad he didn't make the call at the end of the game..

...ALL of the offensive play calling ...should revert back to Doug Berry....Gibson has to be the 'goat' on the last play calls, in the giveaway to T.O....THEREFORE.....the 'goat' should get the gate....Besides the blown game against the Argos....i believe Gibsons offensive schemes have lacked imagination....poorly put together....and bad calls at the wrong time ...i said it before in the Bomber forum....We have a Cadillac defence....with a Volkswagen offence.....it's time for a major tune-up....beginning with the head mechanic (Gibson) :roll:

Comon Bombers, help the Eskimos out! :smiley: Beat the F'n RIDERS!!

I mean, we practically gave you the best moment in history of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go Riders! Okay thats it I feel dirty!

The Riders shall fall, the beast that lives right next door, towards the East, will punish the men in green..

Jack start chopping that beanstalk! :lol:

:lol: :lol: Good one ..

Well you have to watch out now! It is no longer remeber the Alamo! It is called Remember Roy! They are playing for Roy! That should mean one win out of the two with you guys! :lol:

You also have to remember where Berry got his coaching style from, under the Don, who has also made some pretty over the top decisions in his career. I think some of the Dons attitude has also rubbed off on Berry, he made no bones about it after the game. He was pissed at Roberts for fumbling deep in Argos territory after the Stokes fumble and also for not getting the first down on short yardage. He did the same thing with Quinn after the pick by putting in Banks for no other reason then to punish Quinn. He is a mean SOB who doesnt like under achievers and actually in the long run that will probably be a good thing.