Wanted: 2.5 cu.M of manure....

...delivered to:

1817 Crowchild Trail NW
Calgary, Alberta

...please PM me for payment and delivery details...

You can get all the manure you want FOR FREE. Delivery is free as well. Just email B.C. Government Legislature Victoria, B.C.

It will be delivered next Friday @ 7:30 P.M. sharp. Don't let the green and white color fool you though, as it is the real thing, just a little aged. :lol: :lol:

.....AND what would this manure be used for....garden....your lawn....a certain players front yard????? Has your kicker gone a.w.o.l.....Just wondering?????? :roll: :lol:

I have some dog poop I can send. Now, you're not all bitter that the Stamps pissed away that win with a series of stupid penalties are you? To be fair, they're not the only team who likes to shoot themselves in the foot.

R&W…you are a disgrace to the moderating purpose here. Like Chief
Better to just give it up and just be a fan (atic)

...a disgrace because he quipped about his displeasure of the outcome of a game in a humorous way, and managed a (pretty decent) dig at Rider fans in the process? Lost your sense of ha-ha, have you? That's a shame...