Bishop has not yet been given the chance this year as promised.You all know that Bishop was told he would be the starter, thats old news. The new news is that Bishop was promised a 2nd time after Joseph was brought in, that he in fact would be given a equal chance to compete for the starting job and that it WOULD NOT just be handed to Joseph. Bishop may have quit without that reassurance.

Even if you are totally against Bishop are you not even for fairness??

Why not honor the promise and give Bishop just one entire game like Joseph had in game 2. This week against Edmonton at home.

A real chance means getting the majority/all reps in practice plus playing the entire game. What are you afraid of?? If you are so sure Bishop will falter, here`s your chance to possibly put a end to it.

At this point the job has been handed to Joseph, he has not won it .

How many of you know that Joseph only had 2 more td passes last season than Bishop. And Bishop missed 6 games 1/3 of the season, while Joseph played all 18 games.

Reigning MVP. Grey Cup Champion. These could be reasons as to why Kerry Joseph is preferred...

From what I've heard, the front office is pulling for Joseph so that would lend itself to why Bishop seems to be blocked out here. Did they promise a fair chance? And really, did you expect a fair chance? The day of the trade, Bishop seemed aware that he was a backup again.

For me, I want them to figure out the issue of their porous defense. Cripes, I thought that's what they did best.

Only problem is that joseph is no good!

I dunno why you have such a hate-on for Joseph. His numbers are decent. We lost the last game due to lackluster defense and special teams. Yes, Joseph did have some interceptions, but these shouldn't have been back-breaking if the defense had stepped up.

Bish didn't look very good either. That one touchdown of his should have been an interception.

Bishop should get a fair chance, but that is not going to happen. Other than Bishop not being treated fairly, about the treatment of Rich Stubler? Did he even have a say in the Joseph trade? Here he is, a rookie head coach (& Bishop supporter)who inherits a situation like this & is told who his starting qb is.

I really thought Rocky Butler would have looked good backing up Bishop this season..........

kerry joseph:

-too old
-too slow
-whines too much
-doesn't even like arland bruce
-cant read defenses
-the coach allows him to call his own plays, and he looks confused.

Joseph had 3 ints! Can you imagine the reaction if Bishop had 3 ints, my goodness!!! You guys would be sheiting all over him!

Let me get this straight, I am new at having the truth turned upside down. So when Joseph has a bad game as in 3 ints its the Defense that is to blame??

But when Bishop wins,it`s only because the D played so well??????

Just so that I understand :? :oops: :roll: :roll:

No one said that when Bishop wins, it's the defense's win.

Secondly, you have to admit the defense is terrible right now. At least to the standards that they've set the last 4 or 5 years.

Thirdly, yea, the INT's sucked. He didn't play well. Oh well, it's a long season. There's so much for them to work on right now.

As for the QB thing. I believe the injury to Bishop last season made them a bit scared as to who could be a backup. Clearly, the team was much better when Bishop took the snaps and yet, were a different team when he wasn't under centre. I think they didn't want to see that happen again.

However, it appears this plan of getting Joseph in here wasn't well thought out. But that's easy to say now. What if Joseph came in and just tore it up? Then we wouldn't be here talking about this.

I think this Sunday is a turning point game. The good ship Argonauts will need to come out of this game with a few positives. True positives. At least I hope so. I also hope I'm wrong when I think that the problems with the team are much deeper than a QB issue.

If not, that long season that I mentioned will be just that...

Bishop's problem has long been accuracy; cannon for an arm, I grant you that, but he always seems to me to be an interception waiting to happen. Sure Joseph threw three pics last game, but give Bishop time he'll match that easily. So far this year, Bishop has a completion rate of 47.6%, which is nothing to get excited about....and as for his so-called great season last year, his completion rate was an underwhelming 52.1%................and 11 interceptions.

Truth turned upside down? haha, you're one for dramatics, aren't you?

Toronto simply could not score points last season, and still managed to go 11-7 last year. They did so relying on their defense. Some examples from 2007:

Toronto 18, Edmonton 11
Toronto 16, Montreal 9
Toronto 16, Winnipeg 8

And for anyone who actually watched the games, a lot of those points came on special teams.

The Argos would have sold their souls for 28 points a game last season.

They held their opponents to less than 17 points 10 times last season. Seeing as most of the defense is returning, we expect the same performance out of them. With a defense like that, Kerry's 28 would take us straight to the cup.

Yes, three interceptions are bad, don't get me wrong. I'm not blaming the interceptions on the defense, I'm blaming the 47 points on the defense. Perfect example: one of the ints happened at the Argo 5 and the defense let them take it all the way for a TD. That was the backbreaker, and while the int was joseph's fault, the defense is ultimately to blame for the 105 yrd drive.

Furthermore, I give Bishop one interception for that game, even though Morant ended up saving his @ss. Bishop played less than a third of the time that Joseph did, so mathematically, Bishop performed worse in the way of interceptions than Joseph.

The Argos would have sold their souls for 28 points a game last season.

They held their opponents to less than 17 points 10 times last season. Seeing as most of the defense is returning, we expect the same performance out of them. With a defense like that, Kerry's 28 would take us straight to the cup.

Kerry`s 28 points??? I guess you did not see the game then?

Argos only scored 28 points, how do you credit the 28 to Joseph? Fuzzy math.

Bish had one td if you recall, or you are saying because it was lucky it gets credited to Josephs account???

Joseph was responsible for all 28 points you say? Seems to me there was some other players.

Argos are 1-2 the win belongs to Bishop.

Sorry, Kerry's 21 earned, Bishop's 7 fluke.

Sure. But as Dmont pointed out very well, last year, the defense had a tremendous amount of pressure to perform due to the lack of fire power within the offense.

(I know, not necessarily Bishop's fault)

2007 season

Bishop 52.1% pass completion, 22 TDS Passes, 11 INTS, 87.5 QB rating, NO Rushing TDS (I repeat NO!), 6 fumbles

Joseph 58.2% pass completion, 24 TD Passes, 8 INTS, 97.1 QB rating, 13 Rushing TDS (13!), 5 fumbles

To your point of Bishop playing in only 12 of the games and having 2 less TD's than Joseph, he averaged an INT a game and had a poor QB rating for a starting QB... he certainly didn't play like Joseph last year.

There is a reason why Joseph was the MVP and Bishop wasn't even thought of as one...