Want to go to the SUPERBOWL?

A single SUPERBOWL ticket costs $2,800. That is the cheapest ticket. :lol: :roll:

And some people say that the 2012 GREY CUP tickets are too much. :cowboy:

Dollar for Dollar, there’s no question, you’re getting better value out of a Grey Cup ticket. Anyone who complains about the price of Grey Cup tickets is insane.

The superbowl ticket prices are so outrageous that they cater to the rich, casual football fan. Unlike Grey Cup, which caters to the hardcore fans (which is the way it should be).

Kind of reminds me of the people who sit in the Platinum section at Leaf games. Dressed like their going to the Opera, only semi-interested in the game, always on their black berry, arrive late, leave early, ect.

The real fans are in the 300 level in their Leafs jersey, drinking from the flask they snuck in.

Slightly off topic, but I find it slightly disturbing the number of CDN companies pandering to the NFL. Hey, if it makes good business sense I suppose, good luck to them. But just the other day the TV was on in the other room and I heard Jerome Bettis urging Canadians to do something or other (I think it was a Bud commercial). Immediately followed by Nestle in which you could win Super Bowl tickets (2013?) by buying their products. These ads were played multiple times.

It would be nice if some of these companies had a similiar budget for Grey Cup. :roll:

I think the situation is better out west than it is in Ontario, but it irks me to see huge Super Bowl displays in the grocery stores but never anything for the Grey Cup. It's fine with me if they do Super Bowl promotions. I just wish they would do the same for the Grey Cup. Since the grocery chains aren't doing it themselves, maybe the CFL should try to form a partnership with one.

Actually for the first time that I can recall, I did see a Grey Cup Display at my local Zehrs store. It was a Frito Lay display. Now it was small and not overwhelming and at the back of the store and not big and gaudy and at the front of the store like the Super Bowl crap is, BUT AT LEAST IT WAS SOMETHING FOR A CHANGE :thup: . I was so happy to see it I bought a bag of Salt and Vinegar chips; and I rarely eat junk food.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to believe those prices, so I looked it up. All I have to say is "HOLY !@#&^%(*&". I can not believe anybody would pay that much money to attend anything. The face value for tickets is from $800 to $1200. From what I read, some have been sold for as much as $16K. The heck with investing in gold, next year I should invest in Super Bowl tickets.

Super Bowl Ticket Prices

Most of the tickets are bought from corporations so price isn't really that relevant. The SB isn't catering to joe fan out there.

:thup: It's a start!

The superbowl isn't even about football. 80% of that stadium will be sponsors and celebrities, at least. How can anyone justify putting down 3000 bucks for nosebleeds for a football. Must have deep wallets.

Last years Grey Cup I remember seeing in a CO-OP flyer that it was advertising frozen game day goods along with chips and pop, I went over no big display by any means but they did have some sales on for some game day chow also this summer when the season started up they were full of Dario's, all dressler chips and un official rider gear (not reebok) so some grocery chains do put in the Effort but it's usually the smaller ones