Want to buy Grey Cup tickets

I am trying a different tact this year. I have purchased two grey cup tickets (very nice seats in section 111) in the gold price range, but I will not be going if the Riders do not make it. I would like to know if there are any BC, Edmonton, or Calgary fans that might be interested in the tickets if their team makes it and the Riders don't.
Please don't start the whole 'where's your faith' comments. I am just interested to find people that might be interested in my tickets if my beloved Riders fail to advance to the final game.

Still looking for takers on tickets if my Riders don't make it. Great seats 50 yard line. Tickets were $320 a piece. Any takers?

Still looking for takers. Now that playoff positions and teams are becoming official, any takers out there for tickets. I really hope I get to use them, but don’t want them to go to waste if I do not.

Just go regardless man. I gaurentee you will not regret it. Unless you don't like to party, then you should definitely not come.

If you have Grey Cup tickets, you should go regardless. I was at the game in '96 and had to watch the Argos win the Cup, yet I wouldn't change my decision to attend.

Maybe try the Lions forum . lol
JUST a joke