Want to buy a season Ticket for next year?

I'm a Cat fan season ticket holder. but when you have to play 2 teams, the team itself and Crooked Officiating, OH I'm sorry, we made a mistake. Hit on collaros, roughing the passer. :thdn:
3+1 and you punt, come on man! :cowboy:
Then with Constant commercials thrown in, I've had enough. :x

I understand your frustration. But, after the next 7 months of witdrawal, I will be ready to make my two hour trek, each way, to watch the games. Although, part of me is saying enough is enough, and maybe it's time to spend the money on a nice home entertainment system. Maybe one more year? Maybe time to re-introduce myself to the NFL? At least the media covers that league.

I guess if you like Fluff Football :slight_smile:

Depends on your team of choice. I'm a Saints fan. Its next to impossible to find a televised game without getting an NFL package.

Back on topic though, I've been drafting an email to my ticket rep for over a week now. Trying to get all my facts straight. As I've stated, I love this team, but this league needs to be sent a message. Trying to find a way to do that without hurting the team. They NEED to fix the problems, or their going to cripple it. Best that I can come up with is to boycott watching away games on my TV. Find a local place that dozens of people can watch. It may be the same audience, but the ratings will suffer...maybe that will hurt their commercial sales? Who wants a time slot during low ratings?

Why would that hurt the CFL? the CFL sold their broadcast rights to TSN and they are locked in to the $42 million revenue until 2022. You may hurt TSN if the ratings are low and there are less sponsors but you don't hurt the CFL or the individual teams at all. CFL teams will still get their $4 million per year from TSN until 2022 whether 100k or 1 million watch the games..

Just looking for something to send a message. If that's not the answer, there has to be something. Otherwise they just continue to kill the game. Killing a local team isn't the answer either...unless its the Argos.

For all those naysayers about the perks of their ST. Remember the local alderman of the "stadium precinct" has movie nights. You get first dibs on your seat. Its a fantastic use of tax payers dollars. I hear the scoreboard is high efficiency and uses hardly any hydro.

Maybe I'm a sucker, but I renewed my tickets. I'm in at $704.00 for two seats, not the best seats for sure. We are down at the goal line in the east end, a fun section with a great view of the jumbotron. I feel my season's tickets are good value. Ten games guaranteed, and usually eleven, almost 7 months of entertainment. I pay almost $800 to rent a time share apartment for a lousy week!

Do I think the Cats have problems? You betcha! Drive me crazy at times? In spades. Do I whine and complain about them? All the time - just have to ask my wife. But I like going to the stadium. I like the build-up to game day. The players coming on the field, the national anthem, the fly-overs. I mean really, does it get much better? And, at the end of the day, it's only a game folks. Listen to the players on the sidelines during the TSN "CFL in 30" or the "sounds of the game". They're having fun. Getting paid to play a game they love, and mostly having fun doing it. Never had a day like that in 30 years at my job!

The man is a media seeker...as bad as Meurella (might be a mis spelling) but you know what I mean.
And before anyone jumps down my throat about being a racist......don't bother..I'm about as open as you can get. I have every race,creed and sexual orientation in my family (ok ..nobody is Muslin) but we can cover just about everything else. :thup:

Good for you, the team may not be winning but it is entertaining and if fans don't buy tickets there are no Ticats.
It's a gate driven league and almost all of the revenue comes from ticket sales and concession sales, TV revenue is only $4 million or roughly 20% of the teams revenue.