Want some Esks opinions...

Hey Esks fans.

Sorry to bother you on your very busy home team forum (the Als' ain't much more occupied :stuck_out_tongue: ), but I wanted to know what you guys thought of Tay Cody.

I was eager to see him play just because he's been part of my Madden franchise for 7 straight seasons and has always done good, even if he ain't top rated.

I thought he did pretty good in last Monday's victory. Was that his first game as a starter? He seemed pretty aware and methodic.

But you Esks fans - especially those who were at the game - might have had a better overview of his playing.

So what do you say? Has Edmonton found yet another top CB, or are you unimpressed by him?

keep him in. copeland can crush you then.

I was impressed with his playing in the preseason - he was all over the field!

The only reason he's not starting is because Malcolm Frank is still one of the best corners in the game. But since Frank is 36 years old or more, Cody is a keeper, I think.

Malcolm Frank @ 36 years old is still a steady performer. It will be a while before the kid knocks the vet off.

I think you guys have the best DB combo...Sanchez and Frank.

I have been quite impresses with Tay Cody. He had an interception on his first play in the CFL against Hamilton, and make a number of excellent tackles on hitch passes and such to limit the Calgary gains. However, he is a healthy scratch tonight as the previously injured Malcolm Frank returns to the lineup.

Third.. I found Tay Cody in Madden aswell. This was a couple days after he arrived in Edmonton and I was shocked. I immediately signed him to the created Edmonton Eskimos.

Man.. in real life.. this guy is good. He got a BEAUTIFUL Interception on his first play from scrimmage against the Hamilton Tiger Cats. I really hope he plays against Saskatchewan and not Gerald Dixon.

i’ve been fairly impressed with Cody’s performance in the filler role, he made some good tackles, had some good coverage…and has generally played well. i’d rather have Frank of course, but if Frank leaves at the end of the year, i hope he can fill the role next year…he still needs improvement though

I believe the reason that the Eskies have consistently dressed Gerald Dixon instead of TaynCody is because Dixon can play multiple DB positions, while Cody is limited to playing corner.

That’s a good point, I never thought of that.

also....Dixon is super fast....he ran a 10.4 s 100m, or so i hear