Want some cheese with that whine!

At the international bowl today the american anouncers were whining that the players were making so many mistakes because they were playing on a cfl field.The down right funny comments that got me most was when one announcer qouted "the two best things I like about Canada is the border and getting home afterwards!" :wink: the first was one said very sarcasticlly too! Know that might be worth the price of the ticket watch thousands of americans that dont want to be here! :wink: Takecare now!

Yes Canadian atificial turf is so different than the turf in the US :roll: Perhaps they would like the roof open next year so they can whine somemore :twisted:

Considering the 4 man crew consisted of 3 born in Canada and one that revived his career in Canada you wouldn't expect that sort of comment. I didn't hear it but was multi-tasking during the UConn fumble fest and didn't have the sound up very far.

Didn't watch it and couldn't care less what those cry babies think.

They weren't whining, they were joking around.

I watched the whole game. Nobody said that. They never said one thing about Canada that could remotely be considered insulting.
They even made a bunch of Slapshot references.