Want CFL NEWS on the drive home Toronto

TSN 1150 Hamilton - they discuss the CFL everyday from 4-7. They need to boost their signal and broaden their CFL coverage so Toronto can enjoy, If you are tired of listening to McCowen (Fan590) talk Jays everyday on every show, at every moment than switch. Can you guess which major sports team Rogers owns. Also TSN 1050, there is nothing on that station for CFL fans. They push the other MLSE teams and Argos never get mentioned.

McCowen, we all know from years past that he really does not like to talk sports, has little interest except golf, but loves the business of sports. He would be a good Allie to the CFL right now if he did not turn on us.

TSN 1150 Hamilton has by far the best CFL coverage, They also do TiCats Lunch from noon to 1PM every weekday during the season along with TiCats PxP and Pre and Post game coverage.
Considering it was their first year, they did a fantastic job! :rockin:

That's the great thing about the internet no need to boost a signal - it doesn't matter if you live in Hamilton or Vancouver or Miami - you can listen to TSN 1150 or any other station live.

Stations are regulated on how strong their OTA signal can be. No chance 1150 boosts its signal to be heard clearly throughout Toronto.

Yeah it's pretty sad that TSN Hamilton has more Argonauts coverage than TSN Toronto.

Rogers is so Blue Jays, Blue Jays, Blue Jays is so saturated that I don’t watch or listen to Sportsnet because of this saturation of that. Way way too much. I don’t listen at all to sports radio so can’t comment on that.

Unfortunately, the Argos are a small fish in a very big pond.

Well for all us Rogers haters

Jays generated revenue of $241M (USD) in 2015 but even with historic playoff run, just eked out a $1.2M profit: Forbes.

With no Canadian teams in the NHL playoffs, Rogers is going to get demolished on their $12B NHL TV rights #'s :wink:

Don't trust anything you read in Forbes. According to them, unprofitable MLS teams are worth a fortune. Lol

Toronto Blue Jays
870 43 0 227 -17.9

Pasted from Forbes listing for 2105 MLB says Jays revenue 227 million and -17.9 million profit. one of the lowest in MLB.

where did you see 1.2 million profit.

I would be curious to see how much revenue the Jays are given credit for from their TV and radio contracts in the numbers Forbes compiles since those figures would just be shifted around in a way to maximize tax advantages to Rogers the parent company of both the team and the media with their broadcast rights.

Were the Jays in an American market - their 162 game average of almost 1,000,000 viewers per game would likely net them a $100 million USD per year media rights contract from a regional sports network down there. Last number I saw Rogers using was $35 million for the TV broadcast revenue on the Jays books.

Rick Westhead ?@rwesthead Mar 23
FWIW, Forbes says it calculated Blue Jays TV rights fee using data team reports to MLB, which must be FMV for revenue sharing calculations.

Rick Westhead ?@rwesthead Mar 23
Forbes said Blue Jays' profits narrowed b/c of CND $. Most revenue in CDN. Expenses (major & minor league payroll, travel, scouting) in USD

Rick Westhead ?@rwesthead Mar 23
Jays generated revenue of $241M (USD) in 2015 but even with historic playoff run, just eked out a $1.2M profit: Forbes.

Rick Westhead ?@rwesthead Mar 23
Blue Jays worth $900M, 22nd highest of MLB's 30 teams: Forbes. (Average team value was $1.3B in 2015.)

Is this going to turn into another Jays/Rogers bashing thread? The usual suspects telling us how they hate baseball and as Canadians we shouldn't be watching .........................................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Whether they lose money or make tons it doesn't really matter they are here to stay and they have a huge following.
But they are making money

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/baseball/blue-jays-success-reaping-big-profitable-rewards-for-rogers/article26640038/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/b ... e26640038/[/url]
MacDonald said in an e-mail he assumed the Forbes revenue estimate was in Canadian dollars, but if it were in U.S. dollars, the ultimate impact would be a profit of about $27-million in Canadian dollars.
Getting back to the original topic, if you want good CFL coverage tune into TSN Hamilton. You can listen to it anywhere in the world and I'm sure everyone has the internet. If you live in the Toronto area of course it's going to be saturated with Jays news because that's what people are watching and following. If you are in the small minority in Toronto that follow the CFL then tune into TSN radio on the internet !!!.

Forbes report 2015 said Jays lost 17.9 million US. Here is the link


Also they were way down on the MLB list for valuations in 2015. Even the Tampa team which is regarded near the bottom made 8 million on the Forbes report. bash Rogers, people on here are just telling the truth about this company. They did everything they could to F up the CFL and the Argos.

Rogers wraps themselves in the Canadian flag when appropriate and then pisses on it when it gets in their way. They should relocate to LA. Bye from all of us

Rogers is what they are and the CFL obviously is big competition for them with TSN which is why they bash the CFL and don't provide much coverage of it. It's all business. If the Argos were huge in Toronto then Sportsnet would have to cover them big but they aren't. But TSN can't afford with the huge Toronto market following the Blue Jays not to give excellent news coverage on Sportscentre although they don't have to carry their games and still be solid on the Canadian sports scene because they still do carry MLB games anyways and many Canadians have favourite MLB teams other than the Blue Jays, myself being a perfect example. And as long as Rogers gives ho hum news about the CFL, I refuse to allow myself to every go to a Blue Jays game again and watch them on TV (unless I have to if family is coming over to our house) and have them as my favourite MLB team.

I can’t stomach baseball now with players arguing over 30 to 40 million a year to play .

I for one and how many others would play pro ball for our modest salaries instead of being plumbers , electricians , mechanics , janitors etc… at that same salary yet these examples of pure gluttony argue over the over compensation of their talents .

As Kruk said I 'm a baseball player not an athlete . The good old days when no player even thought of lifting weights or steroids to hit a baseball or throw one .

Don’t get me wrong it takes talent to stand in and hit a Nolan Ryan fastball but I won’t pay 90 dollars a seat to watch it live . Just my humble opinion .

Sitting in the 500’s at Rogers is like throwing your money in the toilet to watch any sport especially baseball.

Slimjim, you called it.

I thought you needed my quote one more time as I cannot resist the temptation of bashing what baseball has turned into over the years . I was a baseball junkie .... .

I guess this is why I am on a CFL forum and not on a Baseball forum saying I want more baseball coverage in Toronto . 

I never say I hate Rogers etc.. but I don't blame the ones that do because they were and still are enemies of this league .

When I look at the bashing the CFL gets everywhere there should be one place for CFL fans get to vent and I feel this is the place . The league sponsored CFL fan forum .

So if anybody doesn't like it tough .

Rogers signed a 12 Year, 5.2 Billion (Canadian dollars) deal for the Canadian NHL rights. They then sold the French TV rights to TVA for 1.5 Billion (Canadian dollars)

So not sure where you're getting 12 Billion from?