Wane McGarity

ok ppl i need you to vote in this poll.

i said no because calgary needs to stay out of the western basement. you guys can keep it.

hey man be quiet


I like it cause it’ll give Stoddard a chance to show what he’s got.

why does everyone say jamie stoddard is good..he isnt that great dont u think if he was great jim daley would start him!

McGarity was getting way too much cake for the results, he has done next to nothing except fumble and drop passes. Stoddard is not seen as a game breaker, and he isnt, but he is consistent and has good hands and runs hard on every play, something Daley likes to see. The thing about Daley is he has balls and isnt going to stand pat when players are not performing. This is good because at least he is trying to improve this team. McDonald could be a very good receiver and it sounds like Santino Hall is coming to help out with the injuries in the secondary, they are both head cases, but will be given a chance since they have the talent.

Piggy just like when you guys signed him I stated this guy would do nothing for your team was I right! The guy is a quiter period. He has talent but that has been over come by his poor attitude.

Funny, watching the sack.als game "our" prevoius release was kicking some sask D-line.....hope Mc doesn't show up and do the same to us....but some receiver had to go and he would have been my first choice...

i woulda got rid of kamau peterson then McGarity

The only reason they keep Kamau Peterson is because he is a Canadian and every team needs a certain amount of 'non-imports' on their roster. If Kamau was an American, he would have been released a long time ago...

Canadian or not Kamaus days are numbered unless he starts producing, Colon could step in and do no worse.

Man pigseye dress the water boy. Peterson sucks big time.

RW2005, we already have, his names Wade Miller, hahaha.

lol thats true lol!

peterson will be gone soon trust me.

I was right Peterson is gone finally!!!!!! and in exchange we got Brazzel!

you da man B1...