Wane McGarity

Does anyone know where he is or what he is doing? I went to college with him and was curious.

I think he is at a McDonald's somewhere asking customers--"do you want fries with that?"

Pepsi, coke? In all seriousness, I hope the best for Wayne, he seemed decent enough to me when he was playing, with the Stamps I think it was, no, with long hair?

That’s a name I haven’t heard in a while … last I heard of him, he’d gone to another team, which I never understood because I thought he was one of the better receivers we had at the time. He might have gone to Ottawa, actually …

last year he was with the bombers, untill they just flat out released him cuz he wasnt performing up to expectations…he was released right around the same time the chris brazzell for kamau peterson trade occured

He's in Calgary (not playing). I can tell you first hand, he enjoys skipping workouts, smoking dope, and video games.

I sincerely doubt we'll see him back. Unless his work ethic does a 180.


I guess his CFL career really has "waned"... :lol:

ouch ...

Dude had some skills tho didnt he?