Wane Mcgarity Released

As on CJOB Sports. The bombers have released McGarity and have picked up Darnell MacDonald.

thats good. McGarity couldn’t hang onto the ball, he’s been having an off season

Off season, yeah that is putting it nicely. To bad though, good luck to him.

wow... wasnt expecting that.

McGarity did absolutely nuthing when he played on the bombers finally the bomnbers were smart and got rid of a bad reciever. The only reason why he was there this long is because he is canadian. But I think this is good for the bombers now will be able to see Stoddard show off his stuff.

Yeah. Everyone seems to miss the fact that Stoddard is coming in. We've been b****ing about it for a while and just ignored it when he finally came in.

I hope this sends a message that the Bombers are serious about fixing the receiving corps.....no more 'yukking it up' on the sidelines after you f' up like McGarity was doing....good to see Mr. hot-dog hit the road....and I hope whoever replaces him 'COMES TO PLAY'.....as we need a serious acquisition.....no more flakes.. :!:

i dont understand why they released wane McGarity he was good he was one of our top receivers and now we lose a good one now the bombers have less options. the good thing is we picked up someone good also cuz if we didnt we would have blown r season which as u all no wouldnt be good and right now i think maybe we should blame the coaching.

kamau could catch better then him.

r u nuts man kamau cant catch if his life depended on it.

At the moment, his life with the Bombers does.

what team did darnell McDonald play for?

Stamps. So we got another Stampeders reject. is that good?

He was with Montreal before we got him, so technically he would be a Montreal reject. The bombers were trying to get him at the start of the season but Montreal saw enough talent in the guy to hang onto him, bet they wish they had him back after Cahoon went down tonight.

MacDonald is good and has the right attitude he will do not bad. But piggy what did I tell you about Mcgarity! Did I not say he has a bad attitude and quits. Now you guys have to show Peterson to the door.