Walter Spencer

Surprised we haven`t heard any official update on Spencer by now.

This is also the type of human interest story that Herb is good at writing, but nothing so far.

The story below from late Jan. says that Spencer is fully recovered and hopes to play this year. Certainly good news.

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J'avais lu la même chose à son sujet dans Le Devoir en janvier. (Oui, oui! Dans Le Devoir!)

C'est au camp que ça va se décider, mais je crois que Spencer risque d'être un peu moins fringant. Après tout, une partie d'un poumon a été enlevée, ce qui n'est pas sans conséquences pour un athlète de son niveau. C'est d'autant plus vrai que Spencer est sur les unités spéciales.

For what its worth, Jim Popp mentioned sort of in passing in his Team 990 interview this morning (it can be heard on their websites Audio Clips) that Dublanko was drafted last year and will compete with Walter Spencer and Justin Conn to back up Shea Emry.

Obviously doesn`t mean he makes the final roster, but at least good to hear Spencer will be competing at training camp.

Only 20 days till rookies report!

According to his interview just up on the CJAD website, Spencer says he is good to go. He did his regular off-season training routine with no complications.

On the personal side, very good to hear considering what he went through.

On the football side, even though we have some promising LBs in Brouillette and Dublanko, I`ve always liked the edge Spencer brought to special teams and I hope he makes it.

welcome back mr. spencer!!