Walter Spencer

He was involved in a accident this morning and is in critical condition. Before u guys go to bed tonight, say a prayer for him, I know I will. Let's hope for a speedy recovery.


RDS says that it was a bar brawl at The Main.

Ya at the time it said accident. I was just about to clarify things.

Hit in the neck with a broken bottle at Koi on St-Laurent.

I hope he will be okay. I remember when he was a Rider.

TSN is now reporting he was stabbed twice, once hitting his lung.

Sounds like your source is a bit off ?

Walter Spencer était dans un état critique au moment où les journaux ont mis les nouvelles sous presse. Il a été frappé en deux endroits au haut du corps (possiblement au cou et à la poitrine) avec un objet tranchant, qui pourrait être un tesson de bouteille.

Souhaitons que Walter s'en remette et qu'il n'en conserve aucune séquelle. Mais sa saison est pratiquement finie.

L'équipe a perdu son meilleur plaqueur sur les unités spéciales, à cause d'une bande de crétins qui croient que se battre dans les bars est un comportement civilisé. Ça me rappelle ce touriste africain qui s'est fait tirer dans le dos il y a quelques années parce qu'il portait du rouge dans un bar "protégé" par le gang des bleus. Le pauvre gars a jamais pu comprendre ce qui lui arrivait. La connerie profonde des gangs de rue et ce qu'elle apporte comme violence sociale est la pire calamité des grandes villes.

Apprenons à nos enfants à admirer ces athlètes qui se donnent pour leur sport et leur communauté, plutôt que ces rappers (mais il y a souvent un p de trop dans ce mot...) qui prônent la violence, le crime, l'agression et l'exploitation. Je ne dis pas que tous les rappers prônent cette mentalité, mais il y a dans le mouvement hip hop une frange bien marquée qui est celle-là. Et elle doit être combattue publiquement en confrontant son message à la réalité et aux idées civiles et progressives.

Not necessarily. You can be stabbed with a broken bottle. Stabbing doesn't always involve a knife.

On a personal level let`s all pray for a speedy recovery for Walter Spencer the human being. The football aspect will work itself out.

Reports are now that Spencer is in stable condition, talking, and has even thanked fans for their support. Good to hear.
I go back to the Als of the 70s - Mike Widger, etc. - who Id bet partied more than the Als of today. It`s just that the times are far less innocent.

Was talking to a friend today and he says gangs have taken over the downtown, around 21:00 to 22:00 he says you can feel the vibe change on the street and that includes some of the "classyer" streets like Crescent. There is next to no law enforcement and your taking your life in your hands going out alone like that. Shocking and Sad.

Really nice to hear Walter is going to make a full recovery.

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Update on Spencer, positive thank GOD.

Not in this case, it was a knife !

I have yet to see any story confirm that a knife was the weapon used. Can you provide a source?

For his lung to be pierced and another stab wound to his side would suggest it was a knife ! A beer bottle would break after the 1st stab and probably wouldn't have pierced his lung ! Could have been a screwdriver as well, but common sense would say a knife ! The main thing is he looks like he will be ok, from the latest report !

I don't know nearly enough about stab wounds to comment on this issue one way or another. I was simply responding because you accused Hfx of being 'off' on his facts when in fact we had no explicit confirmation that beer bottle hadn't been used. As well, when stories such these break, early reports often contain fragmented, incomplete, or inaccurate information. Hfx was just passing on the info he had received.

In any case, I agree with you on one point: the important thing is that Spencer will be okay. So glad for him. From all accounts, this attack could easily have been fatal.

Scary stuff , I guess people don't like a fair fist fight anymore ? Very cowardly from behind !

The Police reports say "object contondant" Does "blunt oject" sound like a knife to you ?

The reports do very from each news release, first was beer bottle, then that was retracted at one point last night and then blunt object ? So there is confusion on the details, I guess the Als can't get in to specifics until the guy is arrested !