Walter Curry

Curry has been released by Edmonton today.

We`ve talked about our lack of depth at DT, Curry is someone I would bring in to at least evaluate. I remember him being pretty decent with Toronto.

Are we so desperate? I don't think so. Yes,we are thin at DT but I am confident that there are/will be better options than Curry.


Curry played for Stubbler in Toronto and he just cut him. I don't think it would be a great pickup for us.

Richard a (encore) raison. Notre équipe a peut-être moins de profondeur à cette position, mais c'est surtout en relève que nous manquons de qualité, par rapport à la relève que nous avons aux autres positions. Nos réguliers sont de bons joueurs et nous pouvons être réalistes en pensant qu'ils feront un bon boulot.

Quant à chercher Curry, autant aller chercher un jeune prospect qui sera plus facile de faire monter dans le système des Alouettes. L'équipe n'y perdra pas au change.

J'ai rien contre Curry mais c'est pas une urgence, Tillman avait utilise que Curry serait partant quand il a coupe Dario Romero et la on dit a Edmonton ceci:

Walter Curry got cut because of the Canadian-American ratio. Legare played his ass off against Saskatchewan and after drafting Laurent those 2 as a tandem made nose a Canadian spot on the team. It sounds like Reid will back up 2 Americans at the end spots if Williams can't go.

When a rookie gets hurt can still be cut by the club. Vets who get hurt have to be paid. Coach Reed is very aware of that according to Stubs. Curry was let go early not because he played poorly but because he can't play end, again back to size, build for the system. The club didn't want to risk Curry getting hurt against the Stamps when Stubs is going with an NI Legare, Laurent, Reid on the nose.

J'ai rien contre Curry mais c'est pas une urgence. Wilson, Bekasiak, Sagesse, Chima, Fletcher joue a l'interieur et Robertshaw et Mcelveen peuvent depanner si on est mal pris.

Today`s LaPresse has Stewart plugged in at DT and he seems quite gung-ho about it. Good for him.

Today`s Gazette has Mike Sinclair enthused about Kitwana Jones at rush end for 15-20 snaps per game.

So the D-line appears to be:

DT- Wilson, Bekasiak, Stewart
DE- Bowman, McElveen, Jones

I guess Chima, Brown, and Robertshaw will fight for any remaining snaps or scraps.