Wallys playoff record!

Just read in the Van. Province newspaper. Wally's playoff record in Western finals and grey cups is 12 wins 11 losses! His regular season record is startling good! Playoffs he has not been as fortunate!

is this bait? :smiley:

Hmmm knowing turkey, you can never be sure. But his stats are correct. Turkey read the same article I had.

RW2005 points out Wally's playoff record to me from time to time. The regular season record is awesome but the playoffs is average. We all know that regular season counts for squat.

try telling that to Edmonton and Hamilton. Considering a good regular season can get you farther into the playoffs I wouldnt call it squat. Tell me which team doesnt want to get a bye and host the east or west finals? Saves you the possibility of losing in the semis. But yeah, would be nice to have a slightly better record in the playoffs. Its not that much of an issue considering the Lions are the current champs, if they hadnt won anything for a number of years then I would say its a pretty big issue.

You can say the same thing for Montreal the last 10 years too lots of first place finishes not many GCs.