Wally's head spinning over Keith

Wally's head spinning over Keith

Former Rider standout brings his A-game to Dallas

By Lowell Ullrich, The Province May 24, 2011 1:04 AM

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I hope Kenton gets another chance in the CFL and takes it.

He had a sterling career in Saskatchewan.

after coming here from the NFL late in 2008

he was starting to get used to the CFL again

when he badly gashed his finger.

The he got injured in training camp In 2009.

and the poor guy spent all his time that whole season
doing rehab indoors while his team-mates were practicing.

I watched our trainer running him through drills
[speed and agility] at practice late that year.

He looked great to me, fully recovered or not.

IMO, he could have played late that year.

Unfortunately, they didn't want to risk him getting re-injured.

That's likely why they released him in the off season,
plus the fact that he was making so much money.

It appears that Kenton Keith would have no difficulty at all cracking the BC lineup. My only regret
is that he is no longer a Ticat, but in retrospect, the Cats were right not to play him following his
injury. With his high salary, as you pointed out, they couldn't take the risk of aggravating the
physical damage he'd already acquired.

Funny how things work out sometimes, Ron. One of my greatest disappointments with a Ticat injury
was Matt Dunnigan's concussion which ended his career. Like most Hamilton fans, I was anticipating
a Grey Cup with him leading the team.

There have been many other career ending injuries, of course, but Matt's really bothered me.

I have been absent for some time. Its nice to connect with you again.

I like Kenton he great guy and he work hard to get better
Wally will pick up for almost nothing and he be the Daring of CFL Commentators over the season

When we sign some on we allways Over PAY They bust we cut them
then end on an other roster and work out fine.
But at Half the price.

Just as many examples of the opposite.
How many players have we got from BC that nobody wanted and ended up being starters here at or near base salary ? hell, one of them ended up being an MODP . Ditto Dave Stalla, Kevin Glenn.

I agree but not with running backs we can never get that right

Ok, but that's not what you said. You said "When we sign some on [sic] we allways over pay". You didn't say "when we sign a running back". Jeez dude, just admit you were wrong.

Delusional people don't know they're wrong, Cartman.