Wally's future in BC

An interesting article about Wally. I'll say this... if BC doesn't want him, I'd gladly take him in Edmonton. A coach with 4 rings and a GM with 3... that'd be pretty nice. :smiley: A man can dream... :lol:


Heard today Wally is coming out of retirement to play outside linebacker!!!
I would not want to go 1 on 1 against him in a hitting drill!! :cowboy: :thup: :rockin:

and I am sure all riders feel the same :wink:

I REALLY hope he doesn't leave. We'd be stupid to push him out. He is the best. Period.

He still finds talent like nobody’s business. Sometimes I question what he’s doing as a coach, but as a GM…well Wally has rebuilt the lions into a very exciting young and dynamic team.

And that's just it, the past couple years he's really focused on age for the aging BC Lions.He did the right thing by making the team younger, yes there were some hiccups but that's to be expected with rookies.I for one am happy we got Otis Floyd out of it :rockin:

Wally ain’t going any where unless he wants to. Just shows you can’t win without a top of the line QB, no matter how good a Coach you are.

Exactly DB. Wally’s the best. B.C. should be only too happy to have him around until he retires. The Lions will be back.

Memo to Eric Tillman: If Braley breaks his word on Buono's job security, be ready to get on that phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!