Wally's Dumb Call- dumbest in CFL history!!!!

Third & one. Comon Turkey! Thats the kind of calls "Coach of the Year" makes! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I had Kent Austin's name already engraved on the trophy, now I'm thinking about giving it to Wally now! :wink:

Yah gotta love how 05 is "glad" that the most successful coach in Stampeder history is no longer coaching them.
Nobody in the league makes more "questionable" calls than Higgins.
Good coaches live on the edge.
Wally is the front runner for CotY right now....

3rd and 1 on your own 15 yard line is insane!
Had the Lions not got lucky and won the press in Vancouver would be going for Buono's head!!! They did not make the 1st down and Sask. went in and scored 7 points. Huge mistake!

It was definately one for the armchair QBs.
If the Leos lose the game, Wally takes some heat for the call.
But they only needed about a foot, not nearly a full yard.
I think Wally will go for that next time as well....

RW, im confused… are you now a lions fan, or just a Rider hater… Either way, you need to start posting less… Show some class…

Be carefull calling him out.As you have read he loves to dish it out but he can't take it back.

Was it a dumber call than when he punted on 1st down in overtime last year? (at least I think it was last year, might've been '05)

It seems you care what I think. Thank you Arius. I did not know people do not have a right to their opinion. Thanks for pointing it out. But If in fact wally did not make mistakes those good years in Calgary would have produced better results. Now I did not say he was a bad coach or a bad GM. I just like the fact he moved on. And I do like what we have now.

Why? The game would have been lost had he not. What difference would it have made? It really was the only call to make. So are you saying they should have kicked and folded the tent game over. That is what a Rider coach might do.

What you just sign up to attack. Funny your the reason why many hate rider fans. I do not hate all rider fans just some and you sir are on the list for future reference. So tell me since you have ten posts on here what is it you specifically do not like what I said. Or is it that I do not agree. Well that is what forums are debate and in debate you just might not agree with the other side. So now go play with your crayons.

Here is another example of a poor loser what is it three games and counting. You also just joined why is that. Your little pea brain activate all of a sudden. Look you can have a difference of opinion I could care less. The fact is I do not agree with some of these low class rider fans on their opinion and that happens. Now you can be a big boy and debate or keep crying like your doing right now. Ah another fine example of a great fan. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Like I said before I can take it you need to bring cup cake.

Yes it was dumber!

I like how Turkey has already jumped off the 1st place bandwagon. Is that how the "best fans" do it? If so Im glad to not be part of that mess.

Why wouldnt Wally go for it? The Lions had a very short distance to go and the Lions had been moving the ball along the ground fairly well up to then. The sign of a good coach is one that takes chances at times and doesnt do the obvious like some robot. BEEDIE BEEDIE

Obvious to me you don't read so well.If you look smarty pants I have been a member here since April 21,2005,now if my "Pea Brain "is correct that is only 19 days less than you.I on the other hand have a life and don't tend to spend it on the computer all that much.Now who was the PEA BRAIN again?

Personally, I find it absolutely hilarious that one guy calls another “cupcake”…that’s almost as good as KK calling someone “big boy”…simply an observation…

JM02 shame on you comparing me with Kanga! That would be like me comparing you with Saskargo!

What 28 posts it took you this long to come on here to take a shot? Wow it takes you a long time to think of material. JUust sad maybe it is time for you to keep watching and to learn. I find it ironic that you sit there and come on to trash some one elses opinion because it is not the same as yours. Funny right! By the way keep it up the more shots the better. Pea brain your right that was not nice peas have more then one cell.

Im sorry if I hit a nerve RW.. I usually dont post on here, But it would be great to see you talk about football as opposed to your usual childish beaking.. The post was about whether or not the 3rd down gamble by BC was a stupid move or not... It didnt have anything to do with who is in first place.. That was you looking for an argument... Come on dude, calling people pea brains... Don't even start with the crayons kiddo.. Grow up, Wally made a mistake in calling that just like, Clovis made an even bigger mistake by not dropping deep enough on the Geroy touchdown... At least i can admit when my team screws up... Ohh wait thats right your a STAMPS fan..

Ouch, two insults in a row.

Well well you came here just to chat with me stick around I will educate you. What did Arius put an add in Looneypost of Saskatchewan. Must of there are so many newbee rider fans to come on here and post replies that are so old and out dated. Just may be you should watch for a while.