Wally's Dumb Call- dumbest in CFL history!!!!

Just got back from Regina- what a weekend -what an atmosphere at the game!!! WHAT GREAT FANS! what a game! The CFL truly does ROCK!!!

Of course, I was sorry about our loss. Threw the game away I’m afraid with the overthrow by Kerry to a wide open Fantuz and the conservative play calling the last series and the bonehead coverage (it is elementary safety to be as deep as the deepest receiver).

However, Wally Buono’s call to go for it on his own 15 yard line boggles the mind and he was very fortunate to steal a win. Had he and the leos lost he would be the laughing stock of the league. Not one BC fan can defend that call- simply stupid!
Wally, what on earth were you thinking- you were on your own 15 yard line- Pee wee football coaches know better. Great route by Simon on the td but stupid coverage. A great game but it cost the Riders hosting first place game in playoffs I am afraid.

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Riders will Return
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Ya right bad call and it won them the game. :lol: :lol:

So if the Lions losing would make them the laughing stock of the league, what does that make the Riders? :smiley::D:D

No guts- no glory

Turkey is going out to the barn to burn the float someone stop him. Turkey you look a little green under the beak there!

Haha, Wally has made some mistakes over the years, just like whoever failed to cover the MOP in 2006. That was also dumb. I must admit I went to grab a snack so didn't see it. I almost thought we'd get a goaline stand though.

Well turkey yes the play was very funny if you ask me. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes Wally you keep calling these dumb plays and you might repeat as GC champions. :lol:

I believe he was talking about an earlier gamble when the riders stuffed them, not the one that they HAD to take smarty pants.What is however funny is the Stamps loosing to the Ti-Cats.Now that my friend is Funny!!!

Your right that was funny how the Stamps laid an egg. Can you please put that in your signature so I will not forget. Thanks that would be nice. :lol: In fact why don't all the rider fans out there do that so I will not forget. :lol: :lol:

Not really they've won like 3 out of their last 4, while sask has lost 3 straight. I faill to see what's so funny about that. BC was pushed to the limit against Hamilton and they've beaten Winnipeg..

ya and the riders are still ahead of them

Who the hell cares? What team is first in the west? BC end of story.

red, we shouldn't be in first because we're a dirty team. I've heard rumours our entire team is not only suspended for the rest of the year, but we also forfeit our 2006 Grey Cup championship.

Nothing wrong with the call from Wally. The Lions only needed half a yard and the Riders D did a good job in stuffing JJ.

In the CFL, half a yard is almost a gimme so I’m glad Wally decided to go for it even if it was on their own 15 yard line.

Why the hell should you care Turkey? your team got the ball and got a TD out of it but still couldn’t put away the Lions.

Hey, Turkey...what kinda bait you using?
You ALWAYS manage to catch a few suckers....

Just curious how old you are because some of your post seem rather childish.Next we are going to read that you are going to take your ball and go home....

Ah yes the age question it seems when a poster loses or is owned in a thread this comes out. Well sorry to hurt your feelings but your going to find not everyone will agree with you and you might not like what some one posts. Get over it the quicker you do the quicker you will grow up. :lol: :lol: Next!

Great Call wally .Now now dumb is that calgary owner who brought in his son and a old useless coach to bring calgary to glory.

Well you know what Wally is a good GM and coach. But he does make critcal mistakes in important games. Yes I know he has won many games but he has lost many important games as well. I was very happy when he left. I am happy with what we have now. No regrets. The Box king needed a puppet and Wally was not his man. It is old news. We will see how he carry's an injured team into the play offs. So far so good.