Wally's decisioin???? Which QB for next weekend?

Perhaps someone is a little vain and likes to read their monotonous posts over and over and over again???

Well, to be fair, none of the BC QBs have been any good. Not even Printers. If Printers is the starter, I say be afraid, be very afraid. :?

Granted, some of it is due to a poor O-Line (like in Edmonton), but the QBs have also been making a lot of bonehead decisions, and they just haven't been able to move the ball.

i dont see the huf sitting burris this week due to his poor performance last weekend.
so why is wally sittin printers due to one very poor start last weekend?

if geroy has a terrible game, wally isnt going to bench him.

it'll be interesting to see how lulay does this weekend.

The Stamps aren't sitting at 4-8 right now. Not to mention Burris has proven himself. Printers hasn't since returning to the league. He did nothing in Hamilton, and he's doing nothing in BC.

all the lions wins have come with printers at QB.

they are 4-4 with him this season and 0-4 without him.

while he's not playing his best, he IS their BEST option right now.

Maybe Wally's just trying to give Printers a bit of a shake?

During his first go-around in the CFL, back when he was good, he was also coming off the bench. Maybe that's the dynamic he needs?

Stranger things have happened.

It's not just the start he had last game. It's also the end of the game before. The guy fumbled the ball FIVE times in under 3 quarters of play. Four of those were lost to the other team. Add to that the 2 INT's late in the Ham. game and you've got 6 turn overs in less than 60 minutes of play. That's unacceptable from any player, let alone your highest paid player in the most important position on the field. He needs to sit until he learns to protect the ball.

If Geroy had caught and then fumbled 5 times in less than a game I think Wally would do the same thing.... at least i hope he would. It's that time of the season where you can't afford to just give the ball away repeatedly. It cost us the Ham. game and had Wally left Casey in last game it could have cost us that one too.

I don't have much confidence in Travis right now, but i have even less in Casey the way he's played the last few quarters. Even though JJ didn't play well in the limited time he's seen this season, if i were Wally I'd probably be starting him because he has more experience than Travis.

^^ An excellent post. :thup:

Pressures on and Wally is taking some big risks with his QB, oline and defence for this game.

Keep it up Wally. :thup: