Wally's decisioin???? Which QB for next weekend?

Printers or Lulay. Or, Jarious or Printers. Or Printers or Jarious?? What a world, what a world!! :cowboy:
Who should start for the Lions? Has PRinters been given enough chances??? Has Lulay shown enough?? Time to dump both and go to Jarious Jackson??? Maybe McCallum should start- he seems to be the only one to score points!! :lol: :lol:

That's a problem for Wally no question.

lulay sucks.
no TDs in how many games?
many costly interceptions.

i'd go with jackson or printers.
maybe all this 'secure the football' talk has gotten through to casey and he'll have a break-out game.
or, casey will blow his last opportunity.

it'll be Printers.count on it

anyone but Casey. The guy is the CFL player who least earns his pay cheque. :oops:

......whoever they start, probably won't like what they heard out of Wpg., that Jonathon Hefney is back and a good d just got a whole lot better :wink:

mactheknife23 has 49 posts, and all bash casey printers.
like a doll with a string in his back, this guy is so repetitive.

im starting to suspect he is travis lulay :lol:

I am a lions fan who is tired of seeing my team lose because of the ineptness of the starting quarterback who is one of the highest players paid in the league. The lions fans, me included, deserve better so tweet off. As a lions fan I am entitled to my opinion especially when they are losing or the offence is playing lousy always. Bring back Matt Dunnigan.

Wally's decision is Lulay and it seems there's a little discontent with some of the QBs:

Lions' decision to start Travis Lulay irks both Casey Printers and Jarious Jackson

VANCOUVER - In his own words, he was “dumbfounded.? No, the quote doesn’t belong to Casey Printers, who reported for work Tuesday to find that quarterback understudy Travis Lulay is the starter for Saturday’s game against Winnipeg.

Printers wasn’t thrilled. But neither is veteran reliever Jarious Jackson. He was also left to ponder where he stands, where his future is going as a B.C. Lion. Or whether he even has a future.


“I’m dumbfounded,? Jackson said. “I don’t know what to think. But it is what it is. I guess I’m just rollin’ with the punches . I’d rather be quiet about it right now,?

Why hasn’t Jackson’s name even come up in the discussion?

“I don’t know,? he says. “It’s a question you should ask Wally. I’d like to know.?

“Right now, we didn’t want to complicate it more,? the head coach explained. “Travis has had most of the work behind Casey. He’s had most of the second reps all year. It was just a natural progression.?

Nothing brings out the media sharks like the sight of blood in the water, however. And Buono set the stage for a feeding frenzy Tuesday by not naming his starter after Saturday’s 29-10 win over the Calgary Stampeders. “You’ll know when you show up at practice,? he said.

Those who attended Buono’s postgame assessment Sunday where left with little doubt that it would be Lulay, based on the manner in which Buono extolled his management of the Calgary game .

Here’s another reason: “Winnipeg has a good front [four],? Buono says. “Plus, they have [pass] coverages that give you the ability to step up and run.?

That would play to one of Lulay’s strengths. His natural ability in running with the football was evident on Oct. 17 last year, when he romped for 92 yards on seven carries in a 24-21 win over the Blue Bombers, his coming-out party as a pro quarterback. His rushing total was more than half of his passing total – 177 yards – proving that you don’t have to shoot the lights out to win CFL games.

Printers opened the door for Lulay on Saturday by committing his fifth turnover in the space of 39 minutes, from the fourth quarter of a Sept. 18 loss to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to the first half against the Stampeders. Although Lulay was as exciting as Lawrence Welk – throwing for 85 yards and completing just five of 12 passes against the Stamps – the most important number was zero. He didn’t throw an interception or fumble away the ball and made good, conservative decisions.

For a conservative thinker such as Buono, Lulay’s preservation of the status quo – the Lions held the lead, 9-0, and added to it when he came into the game – played right into the head coach’s wheelhouse.

“What’s important is that this [Saturday] is a must-game for both teams,? Buono explained. “Not that I’m not concerned about the individual [Printers], but I’m more concerned about our team. You have to break the cycle. By not making the change, I put too much pressure on the negative [Printers fumbles] which are not important right now. Emotionally, psychologically and physically, Travis is better equipped to deal with this situation.?

Psychologically, if not physically, Lulay has a couple of more layers of scar tissue since he went 0-3 as the Lions starting quarterback in late July-early August and threw five interceptions over that stretch. The most egregious giveaway was a pick that ended up in the arms of Toronto cornerback Byron Parker, who turned it into a 44-yard, game- winning touchdown. The Lions, 1-2, going into that July 24 contest at Rogers Centre, lost 24-20 and went down four more times before bottoming out at 1-7.

“That game sent us on a slide,? Buono acknowledged. “Sure it did. That changed the aura of Travis at that time. It put undue pressure on him. We were left wondering, ‘When is it going to happen?’ If he wins that game, if Jamal [Robertson] doesn’t fumble, if Manny {Arceneaux] doesn’t drop the ball in the end zone, we’re talking about a great performance by Travis. And that translates into more wins.?

That brings up the question of whether Lulay is a wiser quarterback, two months later, after being taken down in his first sustained stretch as a starter.

“I have three games of starting experience under my belt, so I have a further foundation to look back on and build upon,? Lulay says. “What it did expose for me was an area where I need to get better. At this stage, I don’t think I maybe have the nerves I did last time, just because I know more of what to expect. And I don’t think anybody would disagree that we’re playing better football now [3-1 in their past four games] than we were back then.?

The question beginning to surface in many minds is a serious one: How far can Printers take the Lions? Are his skills, so evident in his most outstanding player season of 2004, plateauing or receding? Has his mobility slipped to an unrecoverable degree?

Those are questions best left for another day, however. For now, Buono is simply looking at which quarterback has a better chance of beating Winnipeg.

“If we had given up on Casey, he’d be our No. 4 [quarterback],? he says. “That’s not the case at all.?

“I need to do a better job of just protecting the football,? Printers says. “It happens. But you’ve got to be a big boy about it. It’s nothing earth-shattering. It’s just helping out the ball club the best way I know how and working on the things I’m not so good at. It’s about the team.?


big mistake, IMO.

i’d go with Printers or Jackson before starting useless-lulay.

Here’s another reason: “Winnipeg has a good front [four],? Buono says. “Plus, they have [pass] coverages that give you the ability to step up and run.?
Interesting comment from Wally, considering the Bombers have the 3rd ranked run defence right behind Montreal and Calgary.

Will Lapo be 'outcoached' again, resulting in another loss on the coaches shoulders ?

Really, Wally is basically giving him insight on their thought process going into this game, what more could an opposing coach ask for ?

Printers is the most over rated and over paid QB in the league. One good season does not make a player. Jackson, like Printers has a good arm but makes terrible decisions. Both force the ball into double and triple coverage instead of throwing it away. I think Wally finally woke up. Good move giving the "kid" more playing time.

travis hasnt played enough to be labelled useless already. Not even close. Are you that quick to judge everyone you meet?

Au contraire ...he's pulling a reverse psychology next level tactic a la Peyton Manning: :lol:

He probably learned it when he watched this clip if not in the 1980s: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQBwVFDULQg

When it comes to QBs, yes, he is. :lol:

LOL... funny...

its actually DD :wink:


Looks like we have a split locker room in B.C. again. Reminds one of the Dickenson - Printers split locker room way back when. worst possible time of the season for this to happen. Oh mygawd- how come this happens in BC often but not in Saskatchewan. What is wrong with the Lions anyway. They beat the top team in the league and they bench their starter and start controversy- --- only on the West Coast in la-la land. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :oops: :oops: :oops: :thdn:

all season, wallys been saying inconsistancy at the QB position is whats been hurting the lions.
then he goes and makes a QB switch, causing ...wait for it....inconsistancy at the QB position. :roll:

shouldn't this just be a comment in your other thread about the exact same topic?
why make a second thread about the same thing?