Wallyball in B.C. - Will it ever win big games?

Here's a question for armchair qb's. and no disrespect to Wally Buono but:

Will Wallyball ever win the big games?

Seems to me Wally's teams almost always lose the big games and do not adjust well at half time while other teams do. Is it just me or as the season progresses are their doubts whether his players buy in totally to Wallyball. Think of the great teams Wally has had on paper, yet, they almost always underachieve in the end. I'll confess on paper my Riders are not the team the BC Lions are. Yet they beat them twice already this year. Just goes to show you CFL games are won on the field not on paper. This is what makes the game so great. But Wallyball, is it done?
Riders Rule
'When yur done learnin' yur done!'

no but barret ball is done...17 years and counting turkey


.....that post makes pretty much no sense, from any perspective....

Our problem is Chapdelaine! We've fallen asleep in the second half in every game this year. Teams are adjusting to our predictable offense.

Before the season ever started,Wally should have fired Chapedelaine and make Cortez an offer he couldn't refuse! Now Cortez is under contract elsewhere!

much like Wally's commentary.

WALLY.....not WALBY.

so much for making sense :roll:

oopsy, well I'm sure that Wally's commentating would make as much sense as Walby's, and my posting. :lol:

Now I'm really confused....

jm02, cleanup aisle #7 :expressionless:

Why me? No fair, Sporty.....make ro work for once!

Rumour has ro is boarding Kanga for a week when Montreal and Winnipeg meet in the playoffs! :wink:

I want tickets to that.....

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this comming from the mod who sits on the sidewalk and dangles her feet

yeah, well hell freezes over.

So I dropped the ball a few times, so?, the clock stops when I do that, and I'm no where near the end zone, you guys can come up with another better play.

and don't worry, I can clean up after myself, especially when the media comes calling after the game.