Wally World is Playin games!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what the hell you QB is ahead 3 points and you pull him! throw Buck in???????????????? Is wally out of his mind or is this a planned thing?? ok I'll shut up now wally knows more than i do and it's a win! Wally knows what he's doing tonight! It wasn't pretty but a win! like the Riders showed! us a win is a win!!!!!!

As was stated, Jarious was flustered with the personnel on the sidelines so I guess Wally figured he was losing focus at that point. Turns out it was the right decision.

Jarious wasn't getting things done. If not for special teams and turnovers, he would have been losing the game. Wally went with Buck, because Jarious was lucky to be in the lead.

The Lions aren't out of the fire yet. They were fortunate to win tonight.

Most teams this year have “been fortunate to win”…the games have gone right to the wire and momentum shifts like the wind.

The Lions won because they took & maintained control when they had to.

And had some lucky bounces. aka, they were fortunate to win.

Your point is?

Lucky bounces happen for every team at some point...but, in order to win, you have to capitalize on them.

I've said it twice already....do I need to draw you a picture? Read my lips...The Lions (your favorite team) were fortunate (lucky, smiled upon by the gods, had horseshoes up their asses, etc...) to win (score more points than the opposition.)

Like your team (the Riders) have been on several occasions this year.

My team's won the last 4 and your team's just been handed a loss. Don't be too cocky because it's up for grabs and it will be the "luckiest" team who'll take it this year.

This thread's about Wally's decision to replace JJ with Buck...try and get back on track.

And your hostility and condescending attitude aren't really necessary. What is your purpose here? Maybe go sleep off the beer.

Congratulations on beating Winnipeg twice. The rest of the league is very proud of you.

I also commented that Wally replaced JJ with Buck, because JJ wasn't getting anything done. Those who felt JJ should have stayed in the game were blinded by the fact that the Lions special teams play had them in the lead, and that the offence under JJ's leadership was stale.

Thanks for posting.

I agree with the switch. I saw the replay of JJ getting lippy with the coaching staff. He definitely needed a minute to cool down.

And I've always thought Buck was the better QB, anyway. If he could just stay healthy...

You're right Chief...when he started pointing the finger/lashing out, it was time to yank him. Gotta stay composed and he was starting to falter. A good pull for sure...plus, we've got to get Buck in the game anyhow. Don't want him getting too stale.

LOL no that is good old !#%@$! Wally.

Buck Pierce is the smarter and better QB in my opinion anyways, he just has a bad shoulder.

I laughed.

Sad days here in Winnipeg :frowning: we are officially Hamilton.

Your team won the last 1
They lost last week to Edmonton


Wow Just when some poor kid believes ya have to come around and tell-em there is no Santa! do you pop childrens balloons? and dispell the Easter bunny and Tooth fairy myth too? here's a guy that would like to tell you your friend or family member is dead and enjoy giving you the news!!LOL

Also, Wally said on the Post game show, they secifically told JJ not to force the ball, but to throw it away if no one was open. He goes and throws an INT. He was pulled for not "Managing the Offense". as Wally was quoted.

A good move I might add.

And Like Chief, I like Pierce better.

Jarious did not follow the game plan. He threw that INT in the end zone when he was told to stick to the ground. He was pulled immediately after that play.

I don't care if the team is points ahead, if you disregard a call from the bench and cause a turnover, you should be pulled. Wally did the right thing imo.

I agree Buck is the better QB, the guy just needs some time to develop.

Do you have anything of value to post or are you just going to make personal attacks?