Wally wins COY

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I don't think it was anyone's surprise that Wally Buono walked off with Coach Of the Year honours. After the record and the win at the GC, he was pretty much a lock, and the balloting reflected as such.

The surprising thing to me is how much of a difference there was between Wally and Doug Berry. Granted, the Bombers were a bit of a surprise story this past season, but 34-8 in first place votes? That sounds more like a game score against Hamilton.

However, kudos to Wally for netting his third Annis Stukus trophy. Now, if they can only get their chit together and come out with the 2007 sked.

Perhaps, one possible reason for the lopsided voting is that BC's 13-5 record is distinctive. Whereas, Winnipeg's performance is close to that of other teams.

Wally had one hell of a head start over Berry, as Wally was polishing the total package at the start of his campaign...Berry was working on putting the rusty old parts back together. Yes Wally deserves coach of the year, but not by that spread of votes...Go Rusty old parts...Go..

I thought Berry did it, for taking what was supposed to be the worst team in the League into the playoffs. Look what Buono had to work with, compared to Berry (not least of which is Dickenson vs Glenn). Wally deserves credit, and he probably did a really good job keeping a bunch of egos in check and getting everyone to work together, but Berry coached a mediocre team into the playoffs.

Thats one thing I didn't consider..
Keeping ego's in check...
A tough job for sure, I live it, as a coach in sport.
Good point...well done Wally..

From trying to run my soccer team (a men's team), I'd say it's the hardest part, hands down - trying to get everyone to buy into the system, on the same page, doing what you say, etc. Half the guys seem to be out there just for themselves. "I'm not gonna pass the ball anymore because no one is passing to me." "I'm not gonna take short shifts anymore because no one else is." Yikes ... these guys are 20 to 30 years old ...

.Congrats to Wally....he won the award deservedly....he did a great job with the leos in 06....

.....no doubt Buono ran an excellent team through a great season.....personally I voted for Berry for the reasons that hank brought up and that he did as well as he did in only his first year as the HC.....

Congrats to Wally.....Hope the "Jinx" doesn't get him like others in the past!

Keeping a team at a very high level is an accomplishment in it self. If a team was to go 15-3 one year and the following go 14-4 and still easily the best , in spite of having one less win , that coach should still be a candidate for COY . Getting to 500 is much easier than staying at the top. For Berry the bar to get over was set very low from the previous season which is why I don't think he was close. It's not hard to look better than 4-14. Just getting more wins than the previous season is not the main criteria .