Wally was an Alouette!


Before Wally became a brillo head! Wasn't aware he was an Alouette too!

Time flies.

A team Captain and fan favorite. Played with tons of heart and smarts.

Great captain, but a shitty punter. Always shanked the ball when the Als need a big punt to get them out of bad field positioning

Water is wet!

Wally was a workmanlike backup linebacker (to Crennel, Widger, Zapiec) and punter (to Wade).

He was not a captain and it was hard for him to be a fan favorite on a team that had Sonny Wade, Peter Dalla Riva, Johnny Rodgers, Dickie Harris, Randy Rhino, Junior Ah You, Glen Weir, etc.

He was obviously a studious guy and absorbed alot under Marv Levy, and has credited him for his success as a coach. But it was actually Joe Galat who gave him his coaching start as an assistant with the Concordes in 1983.


Thanks for the facts again Sheldon.

This is news to newbs like you. Not us.


And in other news has anyone else heard that new band that calls themselves the Beatles ?

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His hair was straight when he was younger. Does he deliberately have it curled nowadays?

Not sure exactly just where you're getting this curly hair brillo thing from ?

His hair looks exactly the same to me except for the greying .

Recent ...

Playing Days...

Can anyone explain why he would dye his hair grey?

So Joe Galat made ONE good move in his career. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now Joe Galat , now there was a guy with some curly hair . Maybe old "What'shisname" is getting Wally mixed up with Joe ? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Or that new band Led Zeppelin with a heavier sound

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I met Wally in Vancouver years ago, that dude had the biggest calves I've ever seen! Also he was incredibly nice and gracious enough to stop his jog and engage me for ten minutes. Solid dude

I met him at the HOF unveiling

I'm still trying to figure out where all those wrinkles came from ?

Had the Als not folded, you have to wonder if Wally would have made his coaching career in Montreal.


Wally with a curly haircut:

I have to assume he did the Mike Brady thing from the Brady Bunch and maybe went back to the straight hair look a bit later in life.

I wasn't aware there was a CFL section in Canton, Ohio. I saw the WFL section but I never found the CFL section. Where in the building was that?