Wally to change his first name!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Canadian Press— :lol: In a very strange move prior to the Western Final, BC Lions Head coach Wally Buono has put in a request to the courts to change his first name to a more manly one. Buono explains, “… Wally has the connotation of a WIMP. I was named after Wally on the Leave it to Beaver television show. It is not too inspiring a name and some of the players are embarrassed by it especially when reporters say we play WAlly BALL. So I have petitioned the courts to change and accept my new name as Bam-Bam Buono! I think the players and fans will relate to this name better!”


Man Turkey, your creativity never ceased to amaze me.

Keep the name Wally. It could be worse. B.C could be playing Beaver Ball.

I always found it interesting (and this is important for those who like to write song lyrics, parodies, etc.) that "Buono" rhymes so nicely with "guano".

And here is the new Bam Bam Buono:


An improvement over the current version I think.