Wally Sucks - Official Song


Good stuff.

can't people just not create a reason for wall postings?

Do you really think that this is a Wall posting?? The leos don’t care nor does Wally about stuff like this. This is just fun banter, but good on you cflisthebest for not having any kind of sense of humour.

my sense of humour is fine

i'm just not one to go and create any sort of ammunition for the opposite team to use as motivation.

One thing about this type of trash talk, sometimes it is just enough motivation for the other team to come out with more fire in their hearts. It is like poking a sharp stick at a lion.

Wow, and people say Hamilton fans are without class. Seriously, attack the team all you want but instead you are going to attack a 60 year old coach, call him a coward and hope that he loses his job. The same coach who has had more wins then any other CFL coach in history. The worst part, this could have been funny had they not made it a personal attack.

Props to you cflisthebest for acknowledging that not all Riders fans think this kind of garbage is funny.

Oh Boohoo to all of you.

It's a gag. Get over yourselves, this is not Bulliten Board material, it is not going to motivate anyone, it is a Radio Station having a bit of fun.
If a team needs somethinng like this to motivate them than in my view Wally should get fired because he didn't do his job in the first place.

That song is so true!!! Wally does suck.

creative of them to try to rewrite the song to diss the lionswally, but sheesh, those pathetic lyrics, surely they could have come up with better, or maybe not.

Every year some radio station writes up a song about their opponents. This isn't the first time its happened? Geez, relax. And it's nothing that a Rider player said so there is no ammo to incite the lions. The lyrics are not that good even. So the message is correct but the song really doesn't due the message justice. I'm sure the BC stations can do better.

To make up for all the people offended here is a link that you won't find offensive (trust me :wink: ):


i like how you say this is a joke and calm down but if this was the stamps you would jmup on them saying their classless

Yep, no different I'm sure. And the reaction from Stamps fans would be the same too as in "calm down people it's only a radio station making a joke"! It's the same across the league no matter which cities radio station starts it? No big deal, not really worth getting fired up about. :lol:

It's kind of a lame effort.

I doubt that very much. Impossible to say really, but I doubt it. If anyone catches feelings over football they should reexamine their life's priorities.

Naaa, we all thought Burris had a good taste in bra's.

Wally Buono still has more success as a coach in 21 years than the riders have in a 100 years.
We'll keep our sucky coach, you guys can keep your sucky team..

Sunday can't come soon enough..

Well said my friend...can't argue with stats!

Oh my how soon they turn. It wasn't even one week ago that you guys were cheering on the Riders... who heard your cries of desperation, and beat Edmonton. Now you don't even appreciate the team that GOT YOU into the playoffs. Feel the love....lost.

If you listen closely you can hear Billy soup blowing into the Big brown Jug, but what I don't understand is wheres the Banjo and the Washboard ?
I hear the Lions have been playing this song in the dressing room all week :wink: . Just more fuel for the fire .