Wally sticking around

I can understand him wanting to come back and finish what was started at the end of this season. Good news for the Lions. :thup:


Yup best call for BC, Buono had an off year littered with personnel and QB issues (IE he signed Printers). He’s still a HOF coach.

Has to be good news for the Leos. Wally just didn't have the full package this year for a long enough time. But enough to sneak into the playoffs.

Hard to believe that fans out here in BC have been calling for his head. Who else would they like instead? Danny Machocia? Jim Daley? Jeff Reinbold? Larry Kuharich? :roll: :roll: :roll:

I’m glad he is staying on now that the cancer causing, dressing room politician Casey Printers is gone. We have a good nucleus and with a few additions we might be able to give the Riders and Stamps a good run for the West next year.

.....still has the tools to bring a winner to the 'wet' coast.....I don't see anyone on the horizon, that would be as capable as Wally behind the leos bench...He made the right decision :expressionless:

Great news, hard to imagine WB not coaching .

The lions wouldn't be getting better by getting rid of this guy.
Good to see him stick around.

I would hope that all of those who suggested that he quit eat a bottle of oxycotin and drink a case of beer.

i’m a fan of the Lions and Buono but I believe he should step aside as coach. He’s on record as saying:
-He doesn’t understand todays generation of playetrs
-he believes only Ttrestman or Hufnagel are capable of replacing him right now.
-his offense is from his days in Calgary a decade and more ago and needs an OC who understands it.

The strong finish does not replace the equally ugly start. The strong finish was due to scheduling, sterling special teams and masked a scattershot offense. The Lions have been a dysfunctional team for the past several years. Undisciplied, dirty, and heavily penalized. If he doesn’t move to a guy like Dickenson now the opportunity may not present itself later. He’s a stubborn guy that has marshalled and formed questionable efforts for quite some time now. I believe he should stay as GM but move away from coaching.

If the offence struggled, it was probably because Lulay was still learning. I expect the Lions to be much better next season.

So do I.

Of the new QBs trying to step up and become starters in 2010, Jyles, Lemon, Zabransky, and Lulay, the latter was clearly the class of the bunch. I wasn't overly impressed with the kid to start with, but he sure opened my eyes in the second half of the season; I think he's a keeper.

Have to disagree, my friend. I'd put Jyles right there with him. If Jyles had had a better OC and a veteran head coach, he'd have done a lot better; as it is, his quarterback rating on the season was second only to Calvillo and Burris. Lulay impressed me, don't get me wrong; I just think Jyles got the short end of the stick this season, including that idiotic decision to start Alex Brink in a must-win game for the Bombers.

And Jyles still came in and won it.
I think Bombers are looking for a 1a and 1b package with Buck n Jyles, will be interesting.

lets just hope sticking around doesnt turn into stinking around.

If I'm the Bombers, I might just go with Jyles. He looked good, and let's be honest, was anyone surprised when Buck was injured? He and Lumsden, man... :?

Wow. You're a Lions fan? Detroit Lions?? :lol:

I'd hate to read what you think of teams you don't like! :cowboy:

Haha…ya. I am a fan. But I don’t subscribe that a fan is blind to what they see. A fan cares for the direction that a team is going. And I’m just not crazy about this direction.

And can anyone explain why this thread became a discussion about Winnipeg’s QBs?


That image made me laugh! :lol: