Wally slipping as a Head Coach??????????????????


Was Wally Buono out of it last night. Besides squinting to see replays on the big screen, did anyone else think he should have pulled Buck Pierce who clearly could NOT throw the long ball during the game. How many times did Geroy Simon beat his defender long and have the ball underthrown???
Jarius Jackson has his drawbacks but one of them is NOT his ability to throw the long ball. I saw 3 potential touchdowns denied because Buck could not (possibly due to a foot injury or rib injury ) throw the long ball. Did anyone else notice this and should J.Jackson have been put in? Buck's last throw on 3rd down was pitiful - not withing 20 yds of anyone???? A disappointing end for home Lions fans to see the game end!!!!!!!!! Wake up Wally and adjust to what is going on during the game!!!

...noticed a couple of wobblers by Bucky....probably because he couldn't plant his foot properly....Pierce was dinged pretty good by Canada on one play ...when he went to the sidelines i thought he was going to call it a night....HOWEVER....he continued after talking to Wally....THAT was a debatable call by Buono.....J.Jack had something to prove after Taman basically called him a permanent third-stringer...but they chose to keep Jarious on the bench.......and Wally should not only watch his cohlesterol count....but go see an eye specialist ...he's beginning to squint more and more....could it have something to do with the scoreboard as of late.... :roll: :wink:

I was hoping that Pauly would be called to try and punt through the endzone to tie it up. In OT, I think we could still have pulled it off.

I don't think Wally had a choice between Buck and Jarious. Yes, he under threw a couple of passes. And unlike, Suitor, I don't think every pass will go for a touchdown. Any number of other possibilities could have happened on the one pass to Simon,

one it could have been overthrown for an incomplete.

two it could have been intercepted by the db who was close enough to make a play

three, as good as simon is, he could have juggled the ball and dropped it

four, he could have been tackled within feet of catching the ball.

the offense has been the question mark all year, last night did not to prove things have changed.

Wally has always commited tactical errors.


Wally has always been a champion


I definitely would not have minded seeing Jackson come in for a few plays, if for no other reason than to give Pierce a couple minutes to catch his breath. There were a couple times when you could tell he was still hurting a little. Oh well.

Wally's still the Grey Cup champ, his team is messed up with injuries, and they are still very competetive. Slipping? give your head a shake.
BTW I'm a Bomber fan and I don't like the Lions, but respect has been earned.

If you think Wally is slipping after two losses in a row, that's probably the greatest compliment you could pay him. Holding him to a pretty high standard if you ask me.

I think that Buck Pierce definately looked like he was in pain for a few plays it is difficult to play injured I am sure of that.

Why not have the Double QB shotgun and switch the snaps from time to time. Does anybody know what I am talking about?
I once saw Atlanta do that with Schaub and Vick in the preseason. Looks confusing for the D; I guess depending on how well it is executed.

Shaub and Vick are gone now, is that what you want for the Lions?


I would be straight pissed if I was Rich McKay (Falcons GM) right now.