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Tuesday, January 23, 2007 - 10:30AM

Buono is ready to move third-stringer

By Lowell Ullrich,
Vancouver Province

Three's a charm, but it's also a crowd for the Lions with their quarterbacks.

With Dave Dickenson and Buck Pierce already under contract for the upcoming CFL season, Lions coach Wally Buono sat down Jarious Jackson in his office Monday and said he'll try to trade the third-string pivot.

It was a meeting that was equal parts fact-finding and damage control. CKNW initially reported that Jackson would be put on the market. Buono wanted to know from Jackson how he felt about the idea.

"He's open to a number of things," the coach said. "He's not in a hurry to go anywhere because he's growing as a quarterback. I just think Jarious should be better than a number three."

Proposing and actually making a deal are, however, two different exercises, especially given how the Lions fleeced some of their rivals on recent deals involving quarterbacks.

Buono struggled to get two draft picks from the Toronto Argonauts for starter Damon Allen in his first move prior to the 2003 season, but it was clear he was only warming up.

In the last two seasons, the Lions dealt away the rights to Jason Gesser and Spergon Wynn and received players who remain on their active roster who all came from deals involving first-round draft picks.

Making a deal involving Jackson even tougher is the stated preference of Buono to work only with an Eastern team.

But Jackson seemingly got a lukewarm response from the Bombers, while the Als have Marcus Brady, Nealon Greene and Jesse Palmer under contract behind starter Anthony Calvillo. That leaves the Tiger-Cats, who have held discussions with the Lions, and Toronto as likely trading partners. It's also why Buono made it clear he could still have the same three QBs he won the Grey Cup with.

As Pierce again proved in 2006, no team develops quarterbacks like the Lions. Before he came off the bench for his first CFL win last year against Hamilton, Jackson was the weapon of choice on third-down plunges. Now he's trade material.

"We're not going to hurt ourselves and we're not going to hurt him," Buono said.

Jackson has a whole lot of talent and he really deserves to be hgher on the depth chart, so if it isn’t with B.C. then hopefully he can make an impact for an Eastern team.

the argos should trade jeff johnson, rights to steve morley for jarious jackson and have jarious compete for the starting QB job with shaun king, kordell stewart, and reggie mcneal.

Thats the trouble, with Dickenson and Pierce, Jackson will be stuck at #3.

The big question is, does Wally move him, or does Jarious patiently wait for DD to retire?

Hard to believe that with so many teams in desperate need of a QB, BC will hold on to three top notch guys like that. I ams ure someone is bound to make a great offer for Jackson.

....I'm sure that's what Wally is waiting for........ :wink: :wink:

Should be lots of QB's around. Rumour was Nealon was going to get Cut in Montreal.

Draft pick will be the most we get for Jackson. Anything else would be a bonus.

BC is lucky they didn't trade Jackson! What a horrible season they would have had if they did!

...Jackson is a free agent at the end of the year...typical Wally ball...get something for him while he's still under contract...WHY would any team be interested right now...when they can talk turkey with J.J. in a few weeks...sorry Wally..no takers... :lol:

Seems to me like Wally is taking a bit of a risk. Honestly, how much longer is DD going to last?

I like what papazoola said.

Guys this is an article from the spring...wally isn't currently shopping JJ.

So, who's the deadbeat who bumped this... :x

Who's the dummy who doesn't look at dates? :smiley:

Who do you think:


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BC is lucky they didn't trade Jackson! What a horrible season they would have had if they did!

42 posts.
21 of them picking out two year old posts to bump, and 21 of then putting forth ridiculous points like declining a penalty that would cost your team the game.

...ok, move along, nothing to see here...

Should have known...

:lol: ....got me....lol lol....HOWEVER ..Jackson is definitely going to be a free agent ...thats still a recent fact......IF D.D. hangs around another year ...its a good chance that Jackson won't... :wink:

I dont think Wally could get much for Jackson, because you could put Mike McMahon in at QB in BC and he would win games. Jackson to me is highly overrated as a QB, put him in as a starter in Hamilton or Edmonton and he is another Akili Smith.