Wally setting us up...???

....Okay... this Demarco kid looked good.....He was only average in the game today against the riders till Buck was inserted...began to look like the ol Bomber qb. and was replaced quickly by DeMarco for his second go round.... Which brings me to ...is Wally tempting us with an immediate trade for a new flash in the pan....or is this kid that good...????Wally is a clever ol fox and I wouldn't put anything past him BUT admittedly it is a stretch :lol: Guess we'll find out first hand on Fri and get to see if this guy is for real....I hope the d comes to play and we may get the real goods??? :wink: (as a disclaimer to this post...I know Wally is one helluva gm BUT I know he can't do voodoo on the qbs. :lol: )...

What I believe Papa is Wally is tops on [for scouting] QB's he brings in; they fit in the offensive system that the Lion's run for the most part.

I remember the Eskimos always being able to bring a young QB along back in the day, now it's the Lions that have that factory in operation. Maybe one day down the road it'll be Winnipeg that churns them out? :lol:

Wally has been setting us up since 1992 !!!!!!!!

Wally's had a good deal of success finding QBs, whether that was in his time in Calgary or in BC. He's just got a good eye. He's not afraid to dump vets as their ability declines or make bold moves. That's one of the things that makes me wonder about the Pierce trade. Why give up such a young guy like Foster who had flashed some ability for Pierce? I guess we'll see if we got the better of that deal but right now Foster IMO is behind Watson and Kohlert on the depth chart and maybe even behind Etienne. It'll be interesting to see if he can make any sort of impact in the last third of the season.

It's too early to tell with Reilly but can anyone name a QB that Wally has brought in who had success elsewhere?

He was the head coach in Calgary when Henry Burris came to town, if that counts.

Really I think his teams help a lot in general. The QB only looks good if the protection, schemes, play calling, and QB coaching are good. Buono's teams almost always have that, and so a QB can go in and shine. When you take a guy who did well under those conditions and throw him onto a team where things aren't so good, they don't look good anymore.

…I thought it might be Buck BUT after watching him in the leos/riders game, when he took over from DeMarco, I think Wally is scratching his head on why he brought him back :lol: ‘’'I like warrior Buck but he didn’t pan out here and he’s done…As far as other qbs. he’s been successful with and have gone to other teams…None come to mind…except Reilly :roll: :roll: Printers…failure…A qb. we traded for way back Wynn (he did everything but)…flash in the pan :thdn: We acquired Khari from the lions but I don’t rememeber if Wally made that deal…Other than that can anyone come-up with others??? :roll:

Wally was still HC/GM at Calgary that year.

But if you look at what he did there, you can say: Doug Flutie, Jeff Garcia and Dave Dickenson.

I'm not sure why it matters what success the QBs he's brought in have had elsewhere. It only really matters what they do for his teams success. His business is not to coach up a guy to make another team better. The guys he likes and wants he's very adept at keeping around so I'm not surprised there are few guys out there that have helped other teams. But here's just a few of the QBs he's brought it:

As GM/HC of the Stamps from 1992-2002 - Doug Flutie (though I think a lot of credit goes to Larry Ryckman, their owner at that time for pursuing that move). He went to the Argos and had a pretty good career there. He also brought in Dave Dickenson, Jeff Garcia, and Marcus Crandell. Garcia went on to play a couple of decent years in the NFL. He also brought Burris back to the CFL after he the Bears let him go.

In BC he brought Dickenson back from the NFL who could've have a good career there if not derailed by concussions and other injuries. He turned Casey Printers into an all star at the start of his career. That has to be considered a huge feat considering how bad he's been everywhere else. He brought in Lulay and keeps getting him resigned to new deals which has given that team tremendous stability.

There are some pretty good names on the list that he's put on the field to lead his teams.

It matters when the discussion is whether DeMarco would be worth pursuing by the Bombers.

If anything, guys that have had success under him but have not elsewhere just speaks more to his ability to get more out of his QBs. But what Wally does with his QBs is just part of the equation. What happens to the QBs who have left will also be influenced who's coaching them on the other teams. Take Demarco and put him on this bombers roster with this coaching staff. Would he have the same success he's enjoying in BC right now? Would Collaros if he'd spent the last couple years under Crowton/Marcel B? I think the odds are pretty high neither would be at the level they are at now with the coaching we've had here the last couple of years.

What if Marcel B is named the HC, could he develop him into a legit long term answer? I don't think that's a given either. What QBs did he developed in his time in Hamilton? Porter is his biggest success story with a young QB and he's out of the league, despite being given a plum opportunity in training camp to make a case for himself to be AC's heir apparent. So IMO regardless of who they bring in to QB, if they don't have the right staff it won't matter.

Well if he is so great he has realy hit a dry spell. Demarco really has not done anything to impress really and he has had to bring back Joey Elliot twice and now Buck Pierce. And becasue it is Wally people are saying what a great move it is to bring buck in as a back up to help Demarco and play some downs. Buck again looked terrible he had to be pulled so fast. If Demarco getsd Hurt does that mean Buck Pierce will start? Pierce has been done since last year.
Demarco's wins came against Winnipeg and against a Rider team with zero run game with a RB that did not know the plays I think it is safe to say the Lions can chalk that win up to their defense and last game he was just obliterated by the Riders D.
Now they go into Calgary I would look for much of the same with Demarco folding under the pressure and if he gets hurt are they really going to give the ball to Buck Pierce?
Also Wally World did not find or even bring Doug Flutie to the CFL that was BC and Mike Holmgren sent Jeff Garcia his way

He's brought back Elliott because of injury the second time and because he didn't want to rush development guy Chris Hart onto the roster. With his team heading into the post season he didn't want to get caught too inexperienced at backup QB. Elliott will probably be out the door again in a couple weeks when Lulay is healthy.

Slam DeMarco all you want, but at least he can connect on over 50% of his passes and throw for over 250 yards in a game. that's not something anyone on the bombers roster has accomplished. Go back and look at the last drive to set up the game winning field goal, he made some really nice throws in tight windows to his receivers. Meanwhile, Goltz has been here almost twice as long as Demarco as been in BC and has had twice as many starts yet can't break the 200 yard passing mark in a game. Not every guy has to be a superstar, but you need to have QBs who can be competent enough to win you games if you have to use them.

Is Buono a quarterback development guru? Not really, Lulay's probably the best he's ever built up from scratch. More importantly he's got a great ability to scheme to whatever QBs strengths and make them successful. He was able to mold Printers into a MOP in 2004 which is no small feat. More importantly his teams don't go through stretches like we've gone through desperately looking for a QB who can win you games.

Nothing against any QBs here but why everyone insist the Wally World finds all these great QBs because he does no more or no less than other GM/Coches that have been around in the CFL. Thats all I am saying. Demarco is a second year pro out of ODU and many are convinced that he is going to be the next best thing since sliced Bread because Wally Found him. He may or May not become a CFL QB at some level of success but Wally is not the great QB master finder that everyon portrays him as. Like any other team BC has rolled through 5 or so potential QBs the last two seasons and the best he can do is bring back Pierce? and it irks him so much that he has to have Joey Elliot around because he did not sign him first

Nope. Burris went back to Sask. and then the famed collusion through the media of rykman (spelling and no caps on purpose) let Burris know that the Stamps were going to give him and his wife anything they wanted to come to Calgary, during the west playoffs when Burris was still involved and the Stamps were done.

Another non find by Wally. Just exactly who are all of the great QBs that he has found. I am sure there are some but no more than any other team

Burris actually began his CFL career in Calgary behind Garcia and Dickenson in the mid to late 90's, all Wally's world years in Calgary. Then he went to Sask as a free agent I believe, then tried the NFL before coming back to Sask for another short stint. Calgary then signed him away from the Riders as a free agent under a new Stamps ownership and a different GM/coach. Thankfully some local owners bought out the crazy card board king from California in the offseason of 2004-2005 - was almost as bad as the Gliebermans reign in Ottawa! :wink: I really think the cardboard king bought the team so his son had a team to play for who at best was a third stringer. This was one of the major reasons Wally left Calgary since he did not want to put up with that nonsense. Back to Henry Burris though, I think the manure dumping incident for McCallum convinced him he had to leave or he'd be next in line for such a thing if he ever blew a playoff game! :wink: :lol: