Wally Puts Riders Media in their Place.


That right there my friends is why the Lions win tomorrow. Wally is all business unlike that snivelling media 'goof'.

Yah I saw that. Good on Wally.

I can't stand listening to Carm Carteri here in Regina. He is such a homer and an idiot. Just another reason for you guys to make fun of us. I laughed when Wally put him in his place. Carm deserved it and is nothing more than a joke.

Wally seemed very uptight or mad. He also, If I'm correct resorted to name callng the reporter. The reporter on the other hand was trying to stir the pot a little. I liked waalys excuse. Better to study the situation for a long period of time then to do it now quickly and get it wrong.

Yah radio guys get pretty cocky when they get to hog the air while never having to confront anyone face to face. Well, this was face to face.

I wish someone would do it to Mike Richards in Calgary.

Wally was looking pretty good with his new porn stash.

Actually, it looks as if Wally is getting a little tired of having to defend Jimenez. I suspect he gets a double big fine coming from this interview.

First one will be for saying Dave was subject to a dirty hit again. Poor Wally...

The second for his treatment of the reporter.

While I agree Carm is a homer, he is also a former CFL player, who played in Ottawa and Sask. Allot of people don't like him because he doesn't complain about the riders enough when they play bad.

The league will not fine Wally for his statements. They will all be lost in the grey cup hupla.

well, better than those reporters out in Ontario that have nothing but negative crap to say about the CFL day in day out.. those guys should be taken out to the back alley and their butts handed to them on a platter!

just be happy this guy's pro CFL!

This story is all over the newspapers. The league can't ignore it.

Even if they do fine Wally , The Lions will just appeal it and the League will take it back.

Is it really all over the newspapers?

GM's and coaches can't appeal fines.

It's in both the Leader-Post and the Province blogs. Sad thing is, Wally was chastising a media member for comments he made on a radio interview. Why would he do that? The radio guy has as much right to make comments as anyone else does.

The leader post article was an associated press story and was picked up Windsor

Wow that Carm dude just got put in his place and then some. I suppose he won't be doing anything like this again. Came off as a scared little chicken. Talks all big on the radio, is confronted in person and has no answers. Classic Buono, I love it.

Can't wait to see Carm and Pederson's face after the Riders get pounded again in BC Place :smiley:

Huh? Wally went out of his way to criticize a member of the media to begin his news conference and then seemed surprised that Carm replied to him.

I don't think he put him in his place at all, in fact it looked as though this whole Jiminez thing is weighing more on his mind than the actual game the teams play today.

Cuz wally was tryin to drive some logic into their heads. I think wally knows a lil bit more about football than you guys. He's totall right about DIckenson, but Riders fans still won't shut up.

His logic is that because nobody else has seen it that it is alright. What is his response going to be when CBC shows the footage prior to the game today?

I understand him defending his players, but he is taking it way too personal when someone criticizes one of his players. There's going to be a heck of a lot more people criticizing his stance once he can't hide behind the fact that nobody has seen the footage.