Wally on Cornish record

Really interesting article (at least for old timers such as myself) in the Calgary Herald. Coach Wally weighs in on Jon Cornish's single-season rushing record saying there should be an asterisk beside the record because it took Cornish three games longer to meet the mark set by The China Clipper back in 1956. Wally says it would have also been tougher to get ground yards in those days because defenses were set up to defend primarily against the run. "Everybody ran the ball in those days," he says.

I really like Wally Buono's historical knowledge of the game, which he displayed last year when Joe Kapp and Angie got into it. Wally's take as I recall was something like: "Well, those guys came from a different era, when men were harder and tougher."

Seems like Wally Buono is one of the last remaining links between the "classic" and "modern" eras. I, for one, appreciate that about him.

Here's the link:

[url=http://www.calgaryherald.com/sports/football/lions/Lions+boss+Wally+Buono+says+record+books+should/7492003/story.html]http://www.calgaryherald.com/sports/foo ... story.html[/url]

The only issue is games played. Not Cornishes fault on the style of football. The record should state, Record for a 18 GAME schedule!

Great post Kenny Ploen.2

I would agree about the number of games. Had Cornish achieved the record a few games ago it would be all the more significant. I agree with the asterisk but I guess a record is a record.

I'm with kasps. It is the single season record and the record book doesn't define the length of a season so keep Kwong in there until someone break that in the same number of games.

So what, it took 16 games Kwong playing in a running league, Cornish plays 18 games in a passing league. Kwong would have carried the ball a lot more per game then Cornish, in the end it evens itself out.

I think Wally sounds like an a-hole on this one. Cornish broke the record for rushing yards in a single season by a non-import. It's not the record for rushing yards by a Canadian in a single season with a certain amount of games. Cornish has the record, no asterisk, end of story.

At least Wally doesn't drop his pants and moon people....so who is the real a-hole?

15 games … not 16. But yeah, the rest of what you say is true enough. Good point.

....Kwong was a great football player....Cornish is a great football player...who cares what Buono thinks about what constitutes a record or not

Regular seasons in 1956 were 16 games long. If Normie Kwong missed a game for whatever reason, it's still a 16 game record that should be pro-rated to 18 games. It annoys the hell out me when the TV commentators announce that a player has broken a single season record without mentioning that the old record was achieved during a 16 game season.

The only thing worse is when the goofs on TSN start comparing Anthony Calvillo's stats to NFL QBs.
They're just embarrassing themselves talking garbage like that. NFL football is a completely different game.

This. :thup: