:P :cowboy:

Wally made a collosal error of judgement which will cost the Lions the home field advantage in the playoffs. Lions move the ball further downfield = they win the game with a short punt. Instead, Calgary will now win the right to host the Western final and the Lions will likely face the Riders, the team they have great trouble with in the semi-final. Stupid , stupid move Wally. But, this is not new with Buono. Nice man, but he has made some seriously dumb decisions over the past few years at critical times during the seasons.
Lions chances for a Grey Cup appearance were seriously jeopardized today on a dumb , dumb call by their coach. Wow!!! Lions fans should be mad
!!!! :cowboy:

Ya your right turkeybend, could hamper the Lions chances of representing the West in the GreyCup. When the camera was on Wally right after the Punt, the frustration was written all over his face...still it was a gutsy call to make, if Macallum makes it Wally is a genius..as of today he is a goat..

...hank did you read Wallys lips after McCallum didn't get enough on the ball...it looked like he said...Come on Paul...i think everyone on the bench picked up that direct criticism...and McCallum probably heard a lot more after the game in the dressing room...what a stupid error...was he trying to pull a Machoka... :roll: :o

Ya I seen that papazoola, what a Sunday of CFL football..it's a race to the finish line, from here on out...Go Bombers

As a lions fan I fully agree that was a real stupid mistake to punt . :roll: But even stupider was waiting so long to put in Peirce when DD was playing so inept for the whole game. Even BC's first touchdown was tossed by Peirce . I was thinking he should have been playing by half way through the third quarter , in which case there never would have been overtime.
It's not a case of BC having a hard time playing against the Riders so much as Dickenson having ahard time. Pierce seems to have no problem with the Riders. Please remember that next time Wally.

Ya yesterdays game brought out some stupidity from the coach that cost us the game but it's still only one loss. To early to panick and say that cost's BC the GC . As for home field advantage , BC still has a game in hand on Calgary and so far , leads to the Stamps one game in head to head games . The games coming up with the Stamps will be very meaning full.

The games against the Stamps are huge. (Got my tickets for Oct 6th already!)

Wally tends to have brain cramps from time to time.I couldn't figure out why he didn't run a couple of "safe" plays to get the ball closer. (Even two thre e yard runs would have done!)

Looking at the big picture, BC is still on schedule to finish 1st in the west. The loss to Saskatchewan is not unexpected. Calgary still has to find out how to beat BC because BC has won 4 consecutive meetings. Besides, Calgary doesn't need to finish 1st because of bye in final week. Saskatchewan probably lose to Calgary in the playoffs. Although Buono makes mistakes, he probably win coach of the year award.

Doesn't Wally always seem to make one boneheaded call that costs his team a win every year? It's always just one game, but I think I remember this happening the past two or three seasons.

Hope BC can sweep Calgary in the home-and-home series coming up.

Right on Blue Dragon, Hopefully his one bonehead call is now done, and it will be clear thinking the rest of the way.

Wishful thinking Johnnylions. Those are going to be tough games against a very good Calgary team. I'll settle for a high scoring home and home split!

...i think the leos are gonna get caught by the stumps....and the lions will end up in the play-offs on the chilly prairie....just a hunch....but i.ve seen the lions go into a deep tail-spin at the end of the year before....seen shades of it in the Sask. game....we'll see :wink:

YAAHOO!!! Calgary will be frist, just like I said before Week 1 baby! WAAAAAAAHHHHHHOOOOO!!!

KK you do realise there are 5 more games dont you?


wait, I'll check...

Lets not be so B.C. guys and jump off the wagon after one loss. Do you B.C. fans really think Calgary's better than we are? Why are you afraid of one loss? Did you expect 18-0? Perhaps you want Joe Poapoa to coach? We love here but you have to have a coach that wins, Wally wins.

But he does not win the one that counts!!

Ok, in the next 5 weeks, this is what I think will happen.

16: BC beats Hamilton Calgary beats Toronto
17: Calgary beats BC
18: Calgary beats BC
19: BC beats Hamilton Calgary beats Winnipeg
20: Winnipeg beats BC Cal: bye

SSK: EE (win) Mon(win) Mon (lose) TO(win) EE(win)

BC: 2 and 3 3rd
Cal: 3 and 1 1st
SSK: 4 and 1 2nd

Mon: Wpg (win) Ssk(lose) Ssk(win) EE(win) To(win)
To: Cal (lose) EE(win) EE(win) Ssk(lose) Mon(lose)
Wpg: Mon (lose) bye Ham(lose) Cal(lose) BC(win)
Ham: BC (lose) bye Wpg (win) BC(lose) bye

Mon: 4 to 1
TO: 2 to 3
Wpg: 1 to 4
Ham: 1 and 2

EE: 0 and 5

Final Standings


  1. Montreal: W: 11 L: 7
  2. Toronto W: 9 L: 9
  3. Winnipeg: W: 8 L: 10

  1. Hamilton: W: 5 L: 13


  1. Calgary: W: 12 L: 6
  2. Saskatchewan: W:11 L: 7 (OTW: 1)
  3. BC W: 11 L: 7 (OTL: 1)

  1. Edmonton: W: 4 L: 14

Wow ... as a Stamps fan, I would be very, very, VERY pleasantly surprised if we swept the Lions ... they have our number.

Looking ahead, Winnipeg beating BC is improbable since BC has won 4 of 5 previous meetings unless BC already clinched 1st. Unlike 2005, a major BC downturn in 2nd half is unlikely because of soft opponents (eastern teams) and not alot of injuries.