Wally/Lions To Sign Printers

Wally Buono has expressed interest in signing Casey Printers with Jackson gone for the year, according to sportsnet West, the signing could be announced as soon as this evening. Ouch ... would that be a shot in the head for us BB fans if Printers returns and plays like he did with B.C in 2004, considering it's B.C we are chasing down for a playoff spot. Let the games begin!!

....WELL I'LL TELL YA.....IF Printers is re-signed by the lions (there'll be more than a few lion fans upset with that) but if he comes back and lights-it-up....there will be more than a 'few' Bomber fans left scratching their heads...and just one more nail in Kellys coffin...we'll see.. :roll:

Well if BC is in need of a QB,I would go after CP,I think he would fit in with the Offense,it’s the same offense that BC ran when he was there before is it not?

But even if he lights it up with the Lions,I think he would not have the same result here in the Peg,he has some what of a comfort zone with the Lions.

Printer's was a success there before and very well could be again. Wally knows how to use him properly :smiley:

....so this was the main problem that the Cats had with him.....i thought he was a locker-room nightmare ,according to some fans in the hammer... :roll:

If the Lions sign him it's still going to take time for Printers to get into game shape. It's been a while since he's last played.

Those paper bags I was sending you Papa....I've put on hold.....If we sign Printers I might have to use them! :x :x :x

It seems Papa that you are saying if he has success in BC, means he would have had success in The Peg? That`s how it came across to me that is.

Geroy Simon etc etc, who would he be throwing to in Bomberland????

Printers better get ready to run for his life. BC's O-Line isn't what it used to be.

I'm prety sure Printers will be a dud yet again if he gets to play. And I'm sure Mike Kelly hopes I'm right.

....generally what i'm saying is that we wouldn't give Printers the time of day....yet there's a club out there that will....Kelly better hope he poops the bed...or once again his calls will come into question....AAAAAAAND what's wrong with Edwards...Bowman, Franklyn and even Bryant...some pretty good talent there....Minus the turf toe...i'll put up Edwards anytime against Geroy... :wink:


A leopard can't change his spots!

Check this out:


If that egomaniac signs in BC, nothing has really changed. :roll: :roll:

.....got to admit ...he does give himself a lot of kudos....IS this??? just being confident or a blow-hard.....very fine line there...however you guys really know him best....Maybe this lay-off has given Casey some time to reflect...Last i heard Wally didn't want Printers anywhere near B.C. Place....OF course that seems like ions ago now....Maybe its forgive and forget in lotus land.....orrrr is Wally prepared to 'soften' his line on the guy....It would be pretty hard for Printers to hit Geroy with a pass from Richards St. ..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

If this happens and Printers plays well, it will make Kelly look even more of a you know what, Printers if he does go to B.C. only a matter of time before Pierce goes down or sucks in a game and thats when Printers will get his chance, I wish him well.

The only place I think CP may do well is BC,isnt this the same offense he ran thier before?and has somewhat of a comfort zone with the team. If he went to any other team,I think he would be just another avg Joe.