Wally leaves the sidelines

That sucks. He has proven himself many times to be a great coach and I had hoped he'd stay on longer. I guess he has had enough coaching and really, he doesn't have anything to prove anymore. He, along with Bobby Ackles, did an amazing job turning this franchise around. Glad to see he isn't totally leaving the Lions Den just yet though!

Walter had himself a heck of a career on the sidelines, about time he let the young guys have all the stress now.

I also wish he would have stuck around a little longer, but this is about as good as it gets for a coach to call it quits. He either broke or tied most CFL coaching records and went out a champion.

No pressure for the next head coach, haha.

His first name is actually Pasquale; Italian as it gets and not related to the name Walter.

Thanks, didn't know that.

I think we all expected this. I think it's great that he gets to go out on top. :thup:

Congrats Wally on a great great career. I've always been a Wally fan and the CFL was lucky to have him on the sidelines. Glad to see he's still involved.

All BC fans owe the former unnamed management in Calgary a big thank you for running him out of town. Sure helped us out a lot! :smiley:

Going to miss not seeing him on the sidelines.

I never doubted his decisions but had to listen to many who did. Can't argue with the most winningest coach in the CFL.

Great turn around season and steller to go out on top on your own terms.

Thanks Whally!

but you can argue with the losingest coach in the CFL :wink:

Sure hope he get's Coach of the year in the spring to top off a great exit.