Wally chasing Jeff Garcia!!?

A friend from Vancouver said he heard Wally Buono has been in contact with the Bucs regarding the availability of Jeff Garcia. Of course Garcia was Buono's QB in Calgary. With the lousy quarterbacking of the Lions, this rumour makes some sense. I thought Griese had replaced Garcia as starter for the Bucs and Garcia was upset about this. Much as I would NOT like to see the Lions beat my team, it would be great to see a quality qb back in the CFL for the Lions who clearly DO NOT have a bona fide star quarterback like Ricky Ray or Anthony Calviho. The Lions would be wise to keep pursuing Garcia as they have little chance to succeed in the playoffs with either Buc the bust or Jittery Jarious.

Riders Rule
Lions Drool!!

I agree and disagree. Yes getting Garcia may help or it may just put everyone and everything out of sync. I think if JJ or Buck played UP to their capability then the Lions would have to be considered favorites again.

JJ and Buck aren't bad QB's, sometime (like Burris) they lay down stinkers. But sometimes...............

you guys are out to lunch.... Garcia was scheduled to make 3 million this season but threatened to retire so the Bucs upped his salary to over 5 million dollars!!!!
He makes more money then the entire BC Lions team as well as the coaching staff (the highest payed Lion is actually Buono at 500K per season)
Your on glue turkey....but still loveya!!!

Hey its not my post, out too lunch or not. I'm speaking hypothetically as to why or why not a Jeff Garcia would or wouldn't help. And yes, Turkey would you care to provide some proof to this rumor?

And the Riders couldnt use him as they have a group of fabulous QBs lol

Id rather have Darian Durant over any Lions QB.

LMAO Garia started for the Bucs today, he still isn't the starter but he isn't going anywhere near the CFL.

Buck is a better QB than Garcia at this point in their careers. And Buck will just get better and better, while Jeff is on the down-slide.


Why? is it lower completion % or less yards per game that would make you choose Durant over Buck? :smiley: Or is it potential? Buck has played a few stinkers, when he is on his game he is pretty decent, not one of the best (but either are the Rider QBs) but still pretty good. Easily able to get the job done any night with the weapons at his disposal and the Lions D doing their thing.

Turkey, we all know you don't have friends let alone one in Vancouver.

Well if Wally is chasing Garcia it is over a veggie burger! Jeff will not be returning to the CFL to play.