Wally Buono's conference regarding Yonus Davis

Kudos to Coach Wally Buono for the way in which he articulated his comments regarding Yonus Davis. Davis, for his efforts on the field was rewarded with the West Division’s nomination as Outstanding Special Teams Player last year. I loved watching this guy run and other teams feared him whenever he got his hands on the ball. Every punt return had the potential of being broken wide open.

Wally said that the CFL is a league of opportunity. That it is! The CFL not provides opportunities within the league itself but can be an excellent means to an end as we have seen with Doug Flutie, Warren Moon and Cam Wake. They gave the fans great entertainment and they were rewarded by earning spots on NFL teams. The CFL has been good to such players as Geroy Simon and Anthony Calvillo who made the CFL their home. Who knows how far Yonus Davis could have gone. His choices have hurt the fans, his family and most sadly, himself. Very sad!