Wally Buono



Interesting article , always respected Wally Buono …

Every CFL stadium should place a Wally Buono chair in his honour . It should be on the field of play and about 10 yards from the visitor’s bench . He has spent most of his coaching career on the field, directing both his team and the officials. :wink:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Sidelines would probably be better.

For the sake of historical accuracy, Wally’s chair would have to be placed on the field of play, since that is where he spends most of histime "coaching up"players and officials. ;D

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Sometimes it feels like the officials give a little peek over to Wally before throwing the flag, eh? And notice how they avoid looking at him and getting the 'evil eye' glare by staring at the ground after a call, or 'non-call' that penalizes the Lions.

After a life-time on the sidelines, he has earned his status in the league. Another legend soon to leave the CFL.

He’s certainly clobbered us over the years. Wonder what his record is against the cats?

They could probably spray paint one on the actual field of play. Suggest they have Wally the gun-slinger w/ his challenge rag drooping down his left leg - you know the one that totally psyched out Mike O'Shea