Wally Buono threw the Edmonton Game

:x According the commentator / reporter Wally Buono threw the Edmonton -B.C. last regular season game and faked an injury to Casey Printers in order to have the Lions go through the East for the playoffs. York suggests it was a plot by the lions head brass and should be investigated by the league. Apparently inside information based on a comment by Kato the Lions equipment manager who allegedly said, "... we did it on purpose led to York investigating this allegation further." Using covert means disguised as a Felion, York heard comments suggesting Printers faked the thumb injury at coaches' request after it became clear Ricky Ray was off to a stellar day at BC Place Stadium. York also implied that Buck Pierce did not injure his shoulder during that game but texas line-dancing the night before.

Congratulations Lions on your well deserved win!!!!! :smiley: :slight_smile: :o :o :o :o :rockin:
See you in the Grey Cup!!!

Thanks Turkey. We look forward to playing the Stamps in 2 weeks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Grims- I am confused!! With Eastern Canada now in Vancouver where is the Far East??????? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

BC vs. Riders = Grey Cup in Calgary - Wow what a storyline that would be. :smiley: :rockin: :thup: :cowboy:

Yes, Vancouver is east of both the capital cities of BC and Yukon. Printers didn't look too injured to me? :wink:

Just face it ,Regina is back east ,along with the rest

:D To Clarify-- Wally and you Lions fans have sealed your fate:

-should you fluke a win over the Als, you will be the East's representative and whomever wins the West (Calgary or Saskatchewan), Western Canada will support that team.
'East is east and West is west and never the twain shall meet!'

Congrats to the Lions and the Stamps
Riders Rule
Rider Pride Nation Wide :rockin: :cowboy:

oh baby....Calgary fans having to watch a BC/Sask Grey Cup in their city. I'm sure they'd love that!! LOL i hope it happens.

Its quite simple if you know Vancouverites actually. Most of them are so stuck up that their egos stretch all the way east to Montreal. So with so many arrogent people in that city, their egos stretch over so many timezones we can also qualify as an Eastern team!