Wally Buono the Bestest ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats it.

Not quite, Hugh Campbell won 5 straight Grey Cups, Wally hasn't come close.


The league is alot tougher now than it was in the 70's. Mr Campbell couldn't pull that off with the players they have today. Same goes for hockey back then.... Habs and Oilers.

Congratulations Wally, the greatest coach in CFL history.

Congratulations to Wally Buono on becoming the all time winningest coach in CFL history. It doesn't change my opinion that when he walks 20 yards on to the field to argue a call he should be flagged for it, but I'll say that about any coach that employs that tactic :wink:

Yah-mon! :thup:

Congrats to Wally for sure! Nice job. Also, watching TSN this morning and the tribute to him, they mentioned something along the lines of Wally always wanted to stay coaching in the CFL and not go to the NFL. Does anyone know if he had an offer at some point to go south and declined?

FIrst , congrats to Wally on being the winningest coach in CFL history. I am going to rain on the parade of Lions fans' here-- just because he has the most wins, does not make him the greatest coach in CFL history. I believe that honour still goes to Matthews or Hugh Campbell. I'm sure others can mention other coaches that are more deserving than Buono, but he is definitely in the top 5 of the greatest coaches to be on a CFL sideline.

I like how a few of the players, I didn't see who, were going to give in the shower at the end of the game. Just as they got up to him, he just pointed at them and said no. lol! They backed off and just dumped it on the field.
Common Wally, how often will this happen? Relax a little and enjoy it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It showed respect though that they did back off.

I think the poster is mainly referring to the most wins as a coach. I think this record will stand for a looong time. Congrads to Wally!

Are you saying that Kent Austin should be above Wally as he engineered one semi impressive Grey cup 18 years in the making for SK?

I'm sure if this was a rider coach, people and even the gophers would be coming out of the wood work demanding a Nobel price be awarded

That's for sure, and the only thing that Campbell has over wally is the number of GC wins, and that's only by one. Even Campbell didn't have Wally's longevity, and now that's all that Matthews has on Wally, and I guarantee that if Wally wants it, he'll easily beat Matthews on that.

At this point, I would think Wally is the greatest coach in CFL history, and his wins record will never be broken. With how long coaches last nowadays, no one will even come close.

Any talk of great coaches needs to include Frank "Pop" Ivy. Accomplished an awful lot in a relatively short career

im having trouble finding some stats... if anyone can help me, that would eb awesome. im not very good on this new interweb thing.

grey cups most, i was thinking games to get the win record... like win to loss ratio compared to mathews... years to accomplish... amount of teams... amount of playoff wins.

i was thinking that might help me personally pick a true best ever coach. congrads to wally and BC lions(or called stamps #2 when wally left the stamps)

I don't know here you saw this. My tickets are right behind the Lions bench and Wally did get doused with ice water right before the game ended. They didn't dump it over his head but they did pour it all down his back.

Anyway, grats Wally!

Section 43. They only got his leg wet a bit but never soaked him properly as he told ém to stop.

I’m in 43 as well, row A, 106 & 107.

Wow we are all right by each other. Section 42 AA :slight_smile:

They did get him on the back though, from what I saw. If you saw the interview on TSN right after the game ended he was shaking his arms to dry off his shirt.

Look for the flag in 43, that's me. I was up higher but had to move due to the fn club seats getting put in.
But it does seem the lower rows have more leg room. As I'm 6'2'', I need all the leg room I can get there!