Wally Buono Should Be Coaching In The NFL

I couldn't help wonder why Wally Buono is still coaching in the CFL. He's proven himself as a top flight football coach and has always been successful. He is a modern day Marv Levy but at least Levy was given a chance to coach an NFL team when the Kansas City Chiefs gave him a shot in the late 1970's before his time in Buffalo. Any NFL team looking for a new Head Coach would be wise to interview Wally Buono. But none do. This just reinforces the NFL's collective closed mindedness which ultimately makes for a predictable on-field product. Wally Buono coaching in the CFL is the NFL's loss and the CFL's gain.

He would probably have to start off as a coordinator or position coach and work his way up because he has no NFL experience.

Marv Levy had no NFL experience.

Levy coached in a much different era. The entire culture has changed since then.

I'm just listing facts here not going against you or your ideas.

The NFL is very political and you need connections.

Totally different game. How many NFL coaches have come up here and failed? Tresman is different because he has CFL veteran coordinators.

He does????

Well I guess if one year is experience?????

8) The big difference between Marv Levy and Wally Buono is that Wally is a Canadian !!!
   You know what most of the NFL teams and their fans think of the CFL  !!!      

   Like it or not, that is the simple truth.

  Wally would have no interest at this point in his life in going to the NFL anyway.  He is making big, big bucks in BC, and could pretty well have his choice of jobs in the CFL if he ever decided to leave there.

   Not too many nicer places in Canada to retire in than BC  !!!

re-"This just reinforces the NFL's collective closed mindedness which ultimately makes for a predictable on-field product. " How true, and imho a very inferior product . one wich the majority of nfl teams are actually in fact inferior to the 8 CFL clubs , that are very competative !!! NFL is = to the wwe and CFL is =U F C :rockin:

Wally Buono is an "All Canadian" coach. His successes in the CFL are absolutely outstanding.

Now if he could only learn to smile once in a while, he'd be perfect.

It would be interesting to have a caricaturist artist type do a sketch of him with his always

angry looking and very serious countenance.

I would give the resulting print a place of honour in my home.

Jokes aside; a great coach indeed and purely Canadian!

Don Mathews was rumoured to have tried to get a shot as a NFL head coach back in the 1990's but never did. As others have said I would think you would have to start out as a position coach and then move up the ladder, you might get a shot as a coordinator if the head coach or GM has some CFL experience and knows them quite well.

Has Wally ever stated he WANTS to coach in the NFL??

Not that I know of...

People should coach where they want if they earn that privilege. :wink:

Another CFL coach-gone-southward example that did not work was Hugh Campbell's stint in the NFL with the Houston Oilers following a year in the USFL. Mike RIley's run with the Chargers was also unsuccessful. Levy and Bud Grant are the two men that stand out in my mind as CFL head coaches who were very successful in the NFL.

Oski Wee Wee,

Your right and really two dif games. Yes he great here but there many great NCAA coaches too that will have a better shot. If he wants to coach in NFL then he have to move south and get started. Now a days NFL does not look north for anything.

He does have an exit clause in his contract that allows him to pursue an NFL coaching position if that helps.

The title of this thread says SHOULD be... seems to me the only thing stopping him then, is himself!

I'm quite certain that Wally wouldn't go south now even if it were offered to him. He's getting older and he's had some medical issues. I think he is right where he needs to be, in BC.

Aside from the former CFL coaches that have made attempts to coach in the US; some successful, some not, I think there have been several other CFL coaches from the past that might have made the grade State side. Frank Clair, Jim Trimble and Ralph Sazio come to mind and I'm sure there are others.

Yup. but really who cares unless he coaching in the Hammer.