Wally Buono Now A Member of the Order of Canada

Congrats to Wally

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/order-of-canada-chantal-kreviazuk-bob-cole-among-95-honorees-1.2884326]http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/order-of- ... -1.2884326[/url]

[b]That is very nice news. Wally Buono is certainly a class act. :thup:

I would like to nominate another fine Canadian citizen who happens to post regularly on these forums….


The Order of Canada’s motto is DESIDERANTES MELIOREM PATRIAM and Bungle certainly lives up to that motto! :rockin: [/b]

Well done Wally and doesn't surprise me in the least. :thup: Of course I still want the Lions to lose when they play the Cats, just for the record. :wink:

Well.. I hope you are being serious.. I do love Canada and see a lot of potential that has gone to waste..
Our low self opinion has to be our achilles heal.. Why we want to emulate the world's biggest third world country is completely beyond me. I guess when Americans complain about their country, they are told to move to China if they do not like it.. Sadly, many Americans now have moved to China for the opportunities in business.
I work for Americans and have for almost a decade despite changing jobs several tomes, so I guess, I just get sick of having to take orders from people who we literally have given our country away to.. This negative aspect of my life has made me see the entire country with a glass half empty mentality.

I miss the days of actual debate and the trolls stayed under the bridge. Probably why so many of us stopped posting and moved onto forums with something to offer and the mods actually care. i come back everyone in a while to see if anything has changed. And as usual I am sadly disappointed.

When were those days?

Let's see, who else has received the Order of Canada - - Alan Eagleson...Garth Drabinsky...Brian Mulroney...Conrad Black.

Yes, very fitting for Buono.

Not sure if you were taking a shot at Wally Buono by being sarcastic or suggesting that a man of Wally's stature shouldn't be in the company of the guys you mentioned.

Regardless, I fail to see the connection. Eagleson, Drabinsky and Black were all stripped of their memberships in the Order of Canada because of criminal convictions so I'm not sure why you would even mention their names let alone imply Wally Buono has some sort of seedy past.

If you're taking a shot at Buono, is there something in his past that you believe makes him unworthy of the honour? I'm listening.