Wally Buono complains about playing outside.

:cowboy: An alleged rumour has it that Wally Buono has complained to league officials that the BC Lions have to play outdoors in the Western Semi-Final. Buono is heading a movement to have all playoff games indoors allegedly. The BC Lions players have complained about it being too cold to focus in Saskatchewan. Seems excuses for the impending loss are already being formulated. :cowboy: :cowboy:

POOR WALLY. Has he been hanging around with ROB FORD too much? :lol:
Give me a break. The ARGOS will have to play Grey Cup outside. :wink:

Now you've done it, don't you realize that whatever you post, there are people who are going to believe it. It is inevitable that somebody will demand you to reveal your source.

Besides that Wally loves cold weather, he has his staple gun packed already. :lol: :lol:

Sorry, ain't buyin' this. Wally's been around the League long enough to know this would never fly. As well, the cold weather has only blown into the prairies in the past week or so, so I'm thinking the Riders American guys are going to be as cold as the Lions American guys. IMHO also, cold weather affecting play is overrated...these guys are pros and are trained to play anywhere, anytime.

I could see the argument to get the GC played indoors only but given I'll old enough to remember the days when the Cup was only played down east and Vancouver occasionally I'd say no go to that one too.....I think it's got to market to market like it does now. As I posted on another thread I'm not going to attend a Cup in Regina (or Calgary anymore either) but I still think it's a great idea to hold it there....it'll be a great event despite my absence!

C'mon. You started the rumour. You're getting nervous.
Wally's playing career...

Buono attended Idaho State University and was a linebacker for the ISU Bengals. He returned to Canada and played 10 seasons with the Montreal Alouettes as a linebacker and punter, appearing in 152 games. He appeared in five Grey Cups between 1972 and 1981, winning two in '74 and '77.
He could care less where the game is played.

An alleged rumor? C'mon Turkey. Be more definitive. This is CLEARLY a potential alleged purported ostensible fabricated suppositional rumor, wouldn't you say? :slight_smile:

It sounds a little fishy to me. :expressionless:

All joking a side , Wally is a non-import coach that has the best record for wins in CFL history and he has won 5 Grey Cups.

He would know better. :wink:

Ohhh Sadargofan….. Turkeybend2 is just trying to wind you and the rest of us up. :roll: He's getting a little nervous now that Lulay [QB for the Lions] is back and that Logan is back in the Lions' den. He also knows that Sheets is at odds with the coaching staff and this sort of attitude can only work to the Lions' advantage. Turkeybend2 is simply posturing. Pay no attention. To quote one of many Turkeybend's quotes:


Oh where did I put my ear plugs?