Wally Buono coach of the playoffs?

Rather than coach of the year is Wally Buono coach of the playoffs .
I'm impressed with his use of all his QB's during the game.
He inserted Buck Pierce to spell Dave Dickenson and on short yardage situations even used his big third string QB.
Spelling Dickenson when needed was good solid common sense .

Thats about as deep as my thoughts go here.

Most of us have asked for QB's to be spelled on different teams wether it be the Ti-Cats or even Pinball not spelling Damon Allen with Michael Bishop.
This possibly resulted in Pinball watching from a chair in his living room instead of seriously challenging for the Grey Cup IMO.

Wally Buono coach of the playoffs and winner of Grey Cup.
As long as you win these descisions look good to the fans ,but to me these kind of calls make the game better and I am serious that Pinball blew it by not trying the same.
The league as a whole doesn't do this enough ,which if they did do more often we'd have game experienced second string QB's with a better chance of gaining confidence and becoming first stringers sooner.

Buck Pierce is an exception,why?
Is he smarter ,tries harder ,works at home on his own on the play book,or better coached or all the above.
Way to go Wally you proved to me you are one of the best coaches ever in the CFL! :cowboy: