Wally Buono blasts FA Andrew Harris

I don't envision Harris re-signing with the Lions now...

[u]Lions GM Wally Buono blasts bothered Harris for outburst[/u] GM says running back may want to ‘go work in a bank’ after airing frustrations in public

Only a cactus at Wally Buono’s vacation property in Arizona was pricklier than the B.C. Lions general manager Wednesday when he reacted to the “frustration? expressed by star running back Andrew Harris.

Harris, without a contract for next season, had the temerity to use a media scrum at the team’s Surrey training facility Monday to express his “frustration? over the direction of the Lions’ season and the way he was used at times, even though he led the Canadian Football League in yards from scrimmage and touches.

Buono said: "if you don’t like it, go do something else, or go work in a bank. Nobody’ll know what you’re doing, and nobody will care.?

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Andrew, just phone home and talk to your daughter. You know she wants to see more of you next year.

As do all Bomber fans.

I hope he lands in Winnipeg. Would be great for the bombers.

After that blast from Buono I'd say it's pretty much a certainty that Harris has played his last game as a Lion. He'll wind up somewhere next season but my money would be on him winding up in the Blue 'n' Gold of the Bombers. Personally I would love to see this as the Bombers would be a perfect fit for Harris and the team needs all the help they can get to finally get back on track in the Peg and hopefully turn things around for that franchise.

I've said before that we should be drafting home grown players. Other teams thrive on this facet but we keep losing players who want to play closer to home. I would welcome Harris to the Bombers.

All I can say to Winnipeg fans is to be careful as to what you wish for.
Harris has been a complainer for years and always uses the media to do so. And its always the same complaint, that he doesn't get the ball more.
He is inconsistent with as almost many games under 20 yards as with over 80.
He runs hard as his spirit wants.
If you want a Canadian RB then make sure you have a Canadian RB as a back-up or the ratio gets shifted in two ways.
And the reporters looking for a negative slant will be overjoyed if he is there.

I can't disagree with anything you said here slant. This is very accurate.

Andrew is a very emotional guy. If channeled properly, he can be very effective. But he does complain a lot. Through the media.

I'm not a big fan of Wally having met him a few times...not the nicest guy. Regardless, if I'm in his shoes I'm giving Harris the ball 20+ times a game. I saw him play Jr. on the Island up close and the kid has gears that haven't been explored yet...why he's used as a decoy most of the time I just don't understand.

And, oh yeah, I'm providing a decent O line, some creative plays and a QB that plays more than 4 games a year.

He'd look great in Blue and Gold.

I will be sorry to see Harris go but only because of his athletic abilities. As far as attitude goes, Andrew Harris does not have at the present time what it takes to be a team player. Yes, he goes all out when he plays but he is too self-centered. It is all about Andrew Harris. At least that is how he is coming across. I have criticized him before when he made some disparaging remarks about one of his former teammates who has long since departed.
Whoever team Andrew Harris plays for he will no doubt be a handful for the opposition to deal with I'm sure. He may even come back to burn the Lions in a few games. We'll see.

As a player with gifted abilities Andrew Harris has earned respect. As a professional athlete and all that that implies and entails I find it difficult giving him my respect. I liked what the guy did on the field and appreciated his tenacity but being a professional athlete goes way beyond athletic ability.
Professionalism involves character and maturity. It involves being a team player. It involves keeping yourself in check. It involves accepting the script in front of you and going with it- not trying to re-write the script to suit self. It involves choosing your words carefully and never ever going "down line" to vent. Down line means an assistant manager of a department dissing the manager in front of the sales clerks behind the manager's back. Or staff dissing management by whining to the customer. This is what Andrew Harris has a problem with. His down line link is the media and the public and you just simply never diss your coach or the brass or teammates down line.

I wish the young fellow well but more importantly I hope he realizes that it takes more than one person to win a football game.

On a football level, Wally is a brilliant coach / gm.

On a person level, he fails when dealing with people.
He can be a very arrogant person.

He once said a person needs to speak their mind and stick up for what they believe.

However, he rips into someone when he disagree's with them.

Double standard at door.

"Go work in a bank" What? Did Wally just take a shot at Jon Cornish too with that comment?

Maybe Andrew Harris should have kept quiet about his frustrations, but on the other hand there are football reporters who constantly criticize players for being too "vanilla" with their interview comments. It's hard to win with the media.

In truth, maybe Wally should take his own advice about "being a pro" and not whining to the media. He does it all the time. And he's always had the habit of naming names.

I respect a guy who says what he thinks. If Wally can't handle it , that is his problem.

However, I wonder if Harris said that knowing it would get him out.

He does not have to worry, he will get on with another team quick.

However, does he not own a sandwich - soup shop in Vancouver ?

"I respect a guy who says what he thinks. If Wally can't handle it , that is his problem…. by brihind88

beaglehound wrote:
I don't think it is as simple as Buono being able to handle it or not. The team and organization always comes first where management is concerned. Look at what happened to Arland Bruce in Montreal. He was shown the door. It is all about image. A team is like a family. Dissent can bring the whole family/team down. The last thing a coach wants to hear or see is complaining and back biting. It affects a player's performance and can affect the team's performance. The last thing a player should ever do is diss another player or management. It is just a bad mistake.

However, I wonder if Harris said that knowing it would get him out….by brihind88

beaglehound wrote:
Harris already said the writing was on the wall so he probably didn't care what he said short of slandering someone. Remember, he knows he'll be picked up by another team. He doesn't want to be looked at as a trouble maker.

He does not have to worry, he will get on with another team quick… by brihind88


However, does he not own a sandwich - soup shop in Vancouver…. by brihind88

beaglehound wrote:
I think he does.